Peter S. Beagle


This past Friday evening, Desirée Lee and I had a rare and very wonderful treat. The legendary Peter S. Beagle, author of “The Last Unicorn”, and the screenwriter who wrote the film based on his own book, appeared at our local theater as part of a promotional tour for an upcoming hardcover re-release of “The Last Unicorn”. For the price of a normal ticket, we were able to attend a Q&A with Mr. Beagle, see “The Last Unicorn” on the big screen – something I’d never had the pleasure of before, and which Desirée had not done since the film’s initial release back in 1982 – and then attend a meet-and-greet/autograph signing with Mr. Peter S. Beagle after the film.

Meeting Mr. Beagle was a true pleasure. The man is very intelligent, witty, humorous, glad of his fans and happy to meet them. Desirée and I are both honored to have been able to meet this legendary creator – both as fans of his work, and as bestselling, award-winning authors and screenwriters ourselves. Hopefully our paths and Mr. Beagle’s will cross again at some point in time. Desirée and I would both like that very much.

Mr. Beagle, if you’re reading this, thank you again for your work, and for the tour that allowed us the honor of meeting you.

Scott Harper

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