“MoonWraith”—Screenplay Available


Logline: Kizzy Faw is a Seer sent to help locate a mystic talisman, but a head injury has robbed her of her gift, landing her in a war between humans and werewolves.

“MoonWraith” originally began as the concept for a one-hour television drama/horror. I have a pilot script. The most recent draft is the sixth version. This script is the basis for the first story arc of the hit “MoonWraith” webcomic created by myself and Desirée Lee.

Currently, “MoonWraith” is being considered by a potential Executive Producer. However, this individual has not yet come forward with an Option on the project, and has been unable to work “MoonWraith” into his schedule. So, for the moment, this project is still available. Although “MoonWraith” has always been intended as a television series, I would be willing to work with a producer to adapt it as a film, or as a film series. For the television series incarnation of “MoonWraith”, I have a project bible which explains where I see the series going over the first two 13-episode seasons.

Though intended as live-action, “MoonWraith” ought to work well as a CGI project, too. Even a live-action version would require heavy CGI for the werewolf transformations, and other effects.

Anyone interested in reading the “MoonWraith” pilot script can get in touch with me via the “Contact” page of my website.

Scott Harper


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