Amazon Affiliate Codes?


Are any of my fans or readers at all familiar with’s affiliate codes? Some time ago, I signed up to be an affiliate. It seemed like a good way to bring in a little bit of additional cash. We have a 16-month-old daughter; additional cash is always welcome! But, although I know for a fact Amazon orders have been placed using my Amazon affiliate code, I’ve not yet been credited a single penny by Amazon. Why? Does Amazon only allow the affiliate credit on certain, selected items? If so, they need to be a lot more up-front about that, and about which items the affiliate codes work on, and when.

So, can anyone tell me just what,when,where, and how the Amazon affiliate codes work? It would be very nice to be able to use those to pick up a little additional income to help support my wife and daughter. Amazon hasn’t been clear on what I’ve heard from them on this matter.

Scott Harper

  1. Hello Scott,
    You must sell ten thousands of your books to make an additional income – and ONLY if your readers click on the Amazon link from your site and then purchase it right away. To achieve this your website/blog needs a huge followership. And you need to announce it daily on a variety of social media sites.

    When they order through Amazon directly (not from your Amazon link on your blog – you won’t get a cent.

    Set up an additional blog with high priced items (with higher commission), such as laptops, phones, and other gadgets and yes, with your books mixed in, and you will eventually see some small amounts. I know a “high-roller” blogger who does it for years, he has 300,000 subscribers and writes about high-end cameras. He makes about $35,000 a year with Amazon…. not much for all the effort.

    There are lots and lots of affiliate programs that might pay better.

    Cheers, Doris

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