Topics, Please!


As you all know by now, not too long ago I started contributing to the paranormal news website All About Occult. I’m to turn in a new article “every couple of weeks”. Articles need to be either on topics that have never been covered on the site before, or at least expanding on what’s been written for the site on a topic prior. In other words, if a topic has been covered, my article needs to be written on that subject from a new angle, or, better still, contain brand new information on that subject.

My first article for the site was on the topic of ghosts having sex with other ghosts. My second dealt with psychic vampire. My third was on the subject of gargoyle sightings. I need new topics. I need a steady stream of new topics, actually. So, if you have ideas for topics, please let me know. I’ll check the site. If it hasn’t been covered before, I can write about it. If it has been covered, I’ll need newer information, or a different angle. When you contact me with topic suggestions, please include any information, and/or angles you’d like to see me include in the article. I can’t promise I’ll cover each and every suggested topic, but at least the option to do so will be there.

Scott Harper

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