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Attention Authors!


Umbral Press, the publishing house that Desirée Lee and I own and run, is still seeking new material, and new authors. We publish fantasy, horror, steam punk, science fiction, and mystery. Any romance and/or erotica involved is up to the author. We are perfectly willing to publish any level of those, too, just as long as the main plot falls into one of the aforementioned genres. Please visit our website, and see our submissions via that tab.

We are also looking for qualified book editors to come to work for us. Please visit the Umbral Press site, and see the “Contact” page for information on editors. And, as stated above, we do publish varying degrees of romance and erotica. So, if you would like to come to work for us as a an editor, please let us know if you’re uncomfortable with reading such things. That way we’ll know not to assign anything to you that you won’t want to read.

We’re looking forward to hearing from new authors, and editors alike!

Scott Harper

More Advice


Yesterday’s post on this blog/site was devoted to some free advice for new authors. There’s another thing I neglected to cover in that post that I’ll take time for today. I say this to so many people, and it’s such common sense, that it didn’t even occur to me to include it yesterday’s advice post. If you want to be a writer, you need to make yourself sit, and do the work.

Honestly, I lost track long ago of how many people tell me something along the lines of, “I want to be a writer. I just can’t make myself sit still long enough.” For those of you who say that, go find something else to do right now. Go on, shoo! You’ll never make it as a professional author unless and until you can plant your bottom in a chair for hours on end, and do the work you’re sitting there to do. No getting up to wander. No wallowing in social network site addiction. You need to sit still, and concentrate on whatever you’re working on. Breaks are fine. But, like any job, there has to be balance between work time and break time. Not enough break time can lead to problems. On the other hand, too much break time means your work isn’t getting done.

So, for those of you out there who say you want to write, but can’t make yourselves sit long enough, you have a problem. What’s it going to be? Something has to give! Are you going to give up on your dream of writing that book? Or are you going to learn the self-discipline required to make yourself sit, and get the needed work done?

Scott Harper

Keep Learning


Quite often I’m approached at public appearances, and via e-mail, by other authors who are trying to get their first work published. It’s hard to do for most of us. One thing I kept being told, over and over and over, before having my first publishing credit, was that getting that first piece of work published is the hardest thing an author will ever do. Thus far, I’d have to agree wholeheartedly with that! I like being in a position to help others. So, think of this post as free advice to up-and-coming authors who are struggling to get that first publication credit under your proverbial belt.

Different people will tell you different things. Most of those people will tell you that their way is the only way of doing things. To that I say a resounding “Bologna!” Everyone has different things that work for them. What works for one is the polar opposite of what the next person may need. Listen to what others say. Maybe give it a try if it sounds good to you. But if it doesn’t work, leave it, and find something that does. Writing styles and work methods are as individual as fingerprints. Go with what works for you.

There are only three pieces of advice that I would say cannot be ignored by any author. Those are:

1) Never give up. This is a tough business. If you give up easily, you’ll never make it as a writer.

2) Get your name out there. If people don’t know about your work, they aren’t going to be able to buy it. Make people aware of your work, but do so in a manner that doesn’t smash them over the head with it, and make them not want to hear your name.

3) Keep learning. Life in general is a learning process. The life of a writer is, arguably, even more so. Writers write. We communicate ideas and knowledge. To do that, and to keep up, we have to keep learning. The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to hone your craft. The better you’re able to write, the more likely it is that people will want to buy your work, and enjoy reading it.

Scott Harper

Upcoming Appearance


Small Business Saturday is right around the corner. Astral Games (125 S Central Ave Suite 110, Medford, Oregon) is celebrating with a day of special events. As part of the Small Business Saturday festivities going on there, Desirée Lee and I will be appearing. We will have copies of Issue #1 and Issue #2 of our new, ongoing, bimonthly comic book series “Confluence” for sale, and autographing them for those who want signed copies.

For those of you who may not be familiar with “Confluence” as yet, the series centers around a young woman named Rue Preston. She, her best friend Nadine Larson, and the town pest, named Marvin Chambers, are pulled through a dimensional rift. They find themselves trapped on an alien world that is a nexus point for an unknown number of other places. This new world is one where magick and science mix, along with a myriad of alien species. And not all of the beings there are friendly. Rue, Nadine, and Marvin only want to go home. But there doesn’t seem to be a way back. Not an easy one, at any rate.

Keep up with “Confluence” on the series’s Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Astral Games on November 29th. Things kick off at 11:30 AM!

Scott Harper

Supernatural Research?


A lot of paranormal and supernatural news has been catching my attention of late. Another such article has recently come to my attention, sparking this blog post.

Apparently, a researcher in Denmark has been awarded the United States Dollar equivalent of $428,000.00 for a research project dealing with trolls. Not the ill-mannered Internet variety who hang out in chat rooms and discussion forums, but the real thing – supernatural creatures who dwell underground. Anyone interested can find that article here.

As I’ve said in recent posts dealing with topics of paranormal nature, these types of things fascinate me on a personal level. And, as I’m a bestselling, award-winning author of paranormal, fantasy, and horror literature, the interest I have in matters such as this take on a professional level, too.

How does one go about obtaining such funding for projects of this nature? Such a thing would be a wonderful project for me. A book could easily come out of such a research project, too. Maybe even a filmed documentary. I would love to be part of a project like this. Can anyone out there help that to happen? If so, please get in touch via the “Contact” page of my website.

Scott Harper

Ideas, Please


As you all know, my wife—bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee—and myself write, draw, letter, and in all other ways produce the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“. We’re always seeking new ways to promote the project. Currently, a producer is considering a film or TV series adaptation of “MoonWraith”, as the previous Option with another producer ultimately fell through. As “MoonWraith” was originally intended as a television series, seeing that happen would be fantastic beyond words! Still, we’re always looking for ways to draw more attention to the webcomic.

Recently, we were talking, and wondering what we could do during each full moon as a “MoonWraith” promo event. As “MoonWraith” is set during a war between humans and werewolves, neither of us can figure out why we didn’t think of this before! So, I’m posting this here to put the inquiry to all of my fans and readers—what would be some great ideas for a “MoonWraith”-centric event to do each full moon. Ideas, anyone? If so, please let me know via the “Contact” form of my website.

Scott Harper

Faerie Rampage?


In recent weeks I’ve posted a couple of videos here on this blog/site that I’ve come across. Those two videos were of what their makers are claiming to be an elf, or some small, elf-like being, sighted near the family’s young son on both occasions. See those videos here and here if you haven’t, and are interested in doing so.

While some people might find it odd that a bestselling, award-winning author – me – would devote space to a blog with the focus on his career to such things, I’m doing so. I find these phenomena fascinating, personally. And most of my work falls into the paranormal, fantasy, and horror genres. Due to that, matters such as these are of interest to me for work reasons, too.

A new article has come to my attention. It focuses on a house in Ireland, and recent events surrounding it. According to the article, which can be read here, several people who have lived in that house in recent years have all died. Each passing was because of different circumstances. But each was murdered, or killed in an accident, while living in the same house. The residence in question is owned by a housing commission. Enough people want the building demolished after the string of deaths to sway some officials in that direction. So, the house might not be standing for much longer.

One of the main reasons behind the move to tear the house down seems to be a belief that faeries are responsible for this string of deaths. A folklorist has tried to determine if the house was built near sacred faerie land, or maybe even on a faerie path of some type. As yet, that’s been undermined. Still, enough people blame faeries for the string of death that they’re pushing hard enough for the demolition of the house, in spite of a shortage of such housing, that the building may well end up being torn down.

These are the types of events that inspire books, and movies! If anyone has any further information on this case, I’d be very interested in reading it. Again, I find occurrences such as this of interest for work and personal reasons both.

Scott Harper

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