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Once upon a time, newsgroups were a very good promo tool for me. It’s been years since I’ve had free access to any of them. Every time I look for free newsgroup access, I find free trials for sites that charge per-month fees after a few days of signing up. What happened to the good old days of newsgroup access via your Internet hosting service?

Can anyone help me out with this? Does anyone know of a good, 100% free of charge newsgroup access site? I would love to be able to make a return to using newsgroups for promo. Especially now that Desirée Lee and I have the comic projects going. Those being, for those of you who are unaware of them, “MoonWraith” and “Confluence“. Newsgroups used to be a wonderful place for put out promo for such things. If anyone can direct me to a good, free newsgroup site I would be very grateful.

Scott Harper

4th Article


My newest article for the paranormal news website All About Occult is now on-line. You can find that article here. This piece focuses on demons, and how not all of them are seemingly deserving of the bad reputation they have. Enjoy!

As always, to continue writing new articles for All About Occult, I need ideas for topics. I have topics for my next piece, and the one after that. After that? I have no idea what I’ll be writing about at this point in time. So, if anyone has a paranormal topic you would like to see me cover in an All About Occult article, please let me know. If it’s a topic that has not been covered on the site, I can do it. If it’s a new angle, or even just new information regarding something that has already been covered for the site, then it’s still fair game. Please contact me via my website with suggestions.

Scott Harper

100% Off Topic

This post is, as the subject says, 100% off topic for this blog. Still, it’s important to me to post it here for the added exposure it’ll give to a sideline my wife is involved with. My wife, known to you all of bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee, is also a sale rep for the company Jewelry In Candles. Please check out her on-line JIC store here.

Jewelry In Candles has excellent products. They’re very high quality across the board. Over the coming months, they’re raising the bar even higher. To learn more about them, again, please check out my wife’s on-line Jewelry In Candles store here.

Checking out her store will also help you to become a sale rep for Jewelry In Candles yourself, if you’d be so inclined. To learn more about that, just click on the “Become a Rep” link on the homepage of my wife’s store site

After several months of being a sales rep for Jewelry In Candles, my wife is still very excited and enthusiastic about the company, and their products. She has a blast working as a sales rep for them. Her work for them is far more fun than work.

Scott Harper

“Money Laundering”—by Desirée Lee


“Money Laundering”

For dry cleaning clerk Iina Whitmer, life in Lunaville is rife with odd coincidences. It only gets stranger when a handsome attorney, missing socks, and $50,000 are involved!

The “Luneyville” stories are a series of odd happenings that occur in and around the town of Luneyville. My wife, whom you all know as bestselling, award-winning author Desirée Lee, wrote Book 4 of the series back in 2009. The book is still available. You can find it here on Amazon.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my wife’s work, here’s her bio:

Critically acclaimed, best-selling author Desirée Lee is an amalgam wrapped inside of an enigma: a book junkie, vampire and self-proclaimed geek with a fascination bent toward the dark and macabre. When not writing or reading, she feeds her gaming addiction. Des loves the dark, evil characters. If word ever got out that she was secretly a level 15 paladin, her reputation would be ruined.

Des currently lives in a hole-in-the-wall town in Northern California, further away from civilization than she’d sometimes like to be.

Check out Des’ website at and find her on Twitter: or Facebook:



Several times here lately I’ve mentioned that Desirée Lee and myself are working on several projects together. We’ve been keeping details of those mostly secret. But, at our previous couple of public appearances, we’ve talked a bit about one of those. So, I’ll talk about it here, briefly, and make it official:

One of the projects we’re coauthoring is a new tabletop RPG. That’s Role-Playing Game for those who didn’t know. Some people hear “RPG” and automatically think “Rocket-Propelled Grenade”.

Desirée has more tabletop RPG experience than I do. Most of my RPG experience has been limited to playing “EverQuest”. Still, we’re pooling out experience, and imaginations to create a new RPG. I won’t go into details about it here yet. Suffice to say that we’ve been working on it off and on for a little while now. Say…a little over two and a half years. Thus far, the RPG hasn’t been a priority. We’ve mostly been working on here and there, as inspiration strikes.

Recently, however, we were talking to a friend who is also a gamer. He’s willing to help us develop, test play, and refine the RPG. He thinks some other friends would be, too. We’re now talking about regular get-togethers for that purpose as soon as Desirée and I can get the game to the point of being able to be test-played. Which means that we need to do more work on it. We’re going to try to squeeze a bit of time for that in when we can, among the other things we’re working on that are on deadlines.

Please keep checking back for updates on this project.

Scott Harper

“All Hallow’s Haunting”—By Desirée Lee


You all know that I’m lucky enough to me married to the wonderful woman you all know as bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee. Recent posts here have updated you all on my own work, and given promo for books I’ve had published in the past. It’s time to shift that spotlight over to my wife’s work a bit, too.

All Hallow’s Haunting” in a short story/novella that Desirée had published in 2008.

“All Hallow’s Haunting”

Teenagers Dane Grissinger and Kit Eisley never meant for things to go so far when they snuck into the Coulbourne cemetery on Halloween night. Dane’s idea of a seance to contact the wife and son that Silas Coulbourne had murdered seemed like a scary, but thrilling prospect for the night. When Dane disappeared during the ceremony, nobody believed Kit’s story that a ghost took him. Now, 10 years later, Kit is visited by an apparition claiming to be Dane. Kit must bring herself to deal with her ghosts from the past and find the truth about what happened to Dane on that fateful night. Some secrets, however, do not want to be unburied.

And here’s the book trailer for “All Hallow’s Haunting”:

Please check this project out, and enjoy!

Scott Harper


Evidently, the United States government is far more afraid of foreign powers than it is of its own citizens. Why else would no action by taken by the President, Congress, FBI, CIA, etc. after the North Korea hacking of Sony’s proprietary databases and e-mail, and the ensuing threats from that country? This hacking has led to North Korea being so upset over a planned new-release film that they have made what are tantamount to terrorist threats. These threats have made so many major theater chains back away from the film that Sony might not even release the project now. Was it a film I planned to watch? No; I has zero interest in it. Still, our President, Congress, and other US governmental bodies are letting North Korea dictate the future of this project. And, by extension, Sony and the rest of the entertainment industry.


If the threats North Korea have made against theaters for wanting to show the film had, instead, been leveled at the White House, or any other governmental building we’d likely be at war with North Korea right now. Instead, Our government is allowing a foreign power to censure US arts and entertainment because that foreign power made some threats.

We all need to remember this during the next elections. Please support me in voting the people out of office who are allowing this to happen. We need people in government who will support freedom in the arts and entertainment industries, not allow them to be gutted. We, the people, need to control the government, not the other way around.

Scott Harper

5 Days

Since sometime around mid-August of this year I’ve made it a point to set time aside for a blog post on this site each and every day. So, from sometime around mid-August, up to December 19th, every single day a new post has gone up here. That’s a lot of posts! Unfortunately, that’s also a lot of time devoted to the writing of those posts.

As you all know, I have a lot of proverbial irons in the fire. I’m also the father of a healthy, active 17-month-old daughter. Chasing a hyper toddler around is a full-time job in and of itself, never mind work duties! So, rather than continue trying to put up a new blog post here every single day, each and every day, I’m cutting back. Weekends? Family time! I’ll continue trying to get new posts on this blog for you all Monday – Friday each week, But Saturdays and Sundays are going to be postless. For the foreseeable future, anyway. I put this into effect this past weekend, which is why the past two days were the first days in months not to see new posts go up here.

Thank you all for understanding!

Scott Harper


The first draft of “Hero Life” is wrapped up. I’ve turned it over to my co-writer on this project. He’s the one who will be handling the sale of the script. Unless or until rewrites are requested by a producer for this project, my part in this is all wrapped up.

Now, I’m working on artwork for Issue #4 of “Confluence”. The script was written and edited while I was still finishing up my part of “Hero Life”. The first stage of art for the next issue of “Confluence” is well underway. Soon as Issue #4 of “Confluence” is done, and ready to go to print, I’ll switch over to get Issue #7 of “MoonWraith” done. It isn’t needed for a while, but after that it’ll be back to work on the sasquatch novel that Desirée Lee and i are working on. If Issue #7 of “MoonWraith” isn’t done first, I’ll have to break from the sasquatch novel to get that done. I’d rather get the “MoonWraith” issue out of the way first, and then just concentrate on the new book. If that project has been published by summer, we have a couple of unique promo opportunities for it.

So, that’s where things are just now. As I said in a recent post, thank you all for your patience while waiting on me to get away from comics and screenplays to get back to books. It’s been a while, but I should be back to a novel soon.

Scott Harper

Video Trailer—”Confluence”

For the past three days I’ve been posting about “Confluence“, which is the new science fiction, bimonthly, on-going comic book series created, written, lettered, and generally produced by Desirée Lee and myself. Today’s post is the last one of those for a little while. Today, I’d like to share the video book trailer for “Confluence” will all of you. This book trailer video was created, as have our several most recent ones, by My Book Trailers.

Such trailers have become a standard marketing device these days. A lot of people expect every project, even if it’s a short story, to have such a trailer created for it. They’re also easily shared on-line. So, please, do Desirée and a I a favor. Please share the “Confluence” trailer around for us. Show it to your family and friends. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or whichever social networking sites you use. The more exposure the trailer gets, the better for “Confluence”.

Scott Harper

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