Andover Skull


In the 1950s a couple with the last name of Morris bought a house. After they moved in, they discovered that their new attic hadn’t been cleared out before their purchase of the residence. While going through the things left in the attic about a year after moving in, they discovered a heavy wooden box, or a heavy trunk. The accounts vary. Either way, the container had been nailed shut. When the man used a hammer to pry out the nails, and open the box, they made an interesting – and startling – discovery. Inside the box was an odd-looking skull. It had an elongated cranium, large eyes, a domed forehead, sharp canine teeth, and unusual carvings on the left side of the skull’s face. The skull was larger than that of the average human. Several pieces of bone had been broken free. The woman glued the pieces back together. The couple kept the skull on display in their home for a time, before donating it to a Museum of Archaeology.

Given the strange look of the skull, there are people who suggest that it had once belonged to a vampire. The fact that it was discovered securely nailed into a trunk or box makes it clear that someone didn’t want to see the skull found. The entrapping container had been hidden away in the cluttered attic of a private residence. Odds were that it wouldn’t simply be stumbled upon by sheer accident. Vampire lore tells us that one surefire way of killing a vampire is by decapitation. Could that really be where the Andover Skull came from?

Does anyone else out there have any information on this case? Whatever happened to the skull? Where is it today?

As I’ve said before in such posts here, these types of things fascinate me – both on a personal level, and given that I’m a bestselling, award-winning author of paranormal, horror, and fantasy literature.

Scott Harper

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