My wife, who you all know as bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee, recently found several pieces of her work on yet another pirate site. This is very upsetting to us both. While it’s flattering, as an artist of any type, to have people want your work so badly, piracy is a crime. When someone downloads a book via a pirate site, the author receives to royalties from that. It’s not a book sale. It’s a book theft. There’s no other way of describing it.

When you download a book from a pirate site, everyone loses. The author loses the royalty money for what would’ve been sale. The publisher loses the money they’d have made from their cut of that book sale. Any sites or stores that would otherwise have sold that book loses the money they’d have made on that sale. And the person who made the illegal download has lost because they’re now a common criminal.

Please do not use pirate sites. Not now. Not ever. No one wins when you do. Everyone loses. Authors, like any artist, can’t do what we do without support. When you use pirate sites you’re yanking that financial support right out from under us. You’re telling us that you don’t care about us, our families, or our work. You don’t have the respect for us, or the decency, to actually buy our work. Instead, you’re simply stealing it.

Scott Harper


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