I’ve been a fan of the TV series “Supernatural” since it began back in 2005. When I first saw previews for it, I was curious. I wanted to check it out. But, it was airing at the same time as “House”. I recorded the pilot episode, thinking that “Supernatural” would have to be really good for me to juggle two shows on two different networks in the same time slot. At the time, I was addicted to “House”, and didn’t want to miss a single second. After watching the “Supernatural” pilot, I was hooked. And I juggle the two shows for the rest of the time it and “House” were on at the same time.

Fast-forward to today. We’re nine episodes into the 10th season of “Supernatural”. Wow. 10 seasons is an impressive run for any show. But for a show that was originally designed to only run for three seasons? That should tell anyone who has never watched “Supernatural” just how amazing the show is.

The network had planned a spin-off of “Supernatural” starting this season. The name kept changing. But the last I heard, it was to have been called “Supernatural: Bloodlines”. An episode in Season 9 was titled “Bloodlines”. It was to have essentially served as a pilot for the spin-off. From what I’ve read, test audiences didn’t react well to the spin-off. So, it was canned without ever hitting the airwaves. I’m fine with that. Honestly, the Season 9 episode “Bloodlines” did nothing for me. I didn’t care about any of the new characters. The only moment of the entire episode that really grabbed my interest was the final scene of that episode. It served as a cliff-hanger ending that would have, presumably, been played out in the spin-off show. Maybe “Supernatural” can revisit that for one more episode, and wrap that up. If not, oh well. I’m don’t care enough about the involved spin-off character to be upset if they don’t.

Again, from what I’ve read, the CW hasn’t given up on the idea of a spin-off. That spin-off just won’t be “Supernatural: Bloodlines”.

The eighth episode of this season was called “Hibbing 911”. It brought back two supporting characters from past episodes. Both of these characters are female sheriffs. One was “in the know” about the things Dean and Sam Winchester – the show’s main characters – deal with. The other wasn’t, until “Hibbing 911”. Trying not to drop spoilers here… By the end of the episode, both female sheriff characters had gotten close, and pitched in to help the Winchester brothers deal with the episode’s threat.

“Hibbing 911” had the feel of a spin-off set-up to me. This is a “Supernatural” spin-off that I could get behind! I like both of the supporting characters in question. They play well off each other, being different enough for tension and comic relief, yet meshing well enough to work with each other easily to get the job done. I can see them becoming surrogate sisters to each other in time.

Please let this my official request to the CW network – Please let “Hibbing 911” be the basis of the “Supernatural” spin-off. And please bring me aboard as a writer on the series, I’m a bestselling, award-winning author. Most of my work falls into the fantasy, and paranormal genres. I have screenwriting, and comic book writing experience. And I’ve seen every episode of “Supernatural” to date at least once. I’ve been an avid fan since the pilot. So, here’s a bestselling, award-winning author who writes screenplays, and comic books, too, and is very familiar with the source materiel for the wanted “Supernatural” spin-off.

Scott Harper


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