“Winter’s Rite”

Winters Rite Cover_02

Keeping with my recent string of posts regarding my older novels, this post will wrap up that thread. I’ve been working backward from my most recent release toward my first book. And here it is. My first novel was “Winter’s Rite“. Originally, I had started work on this book as the final assignment of a course in children’s literature that I took. “Winter’s Rite” was written for Teens and Young Adults. However, most of the fans who have taken the time to write to me about it have been adults.

Also, several fans who have written regarding “Winter’s Rite” have claimed to have discovered “hidden messages” within the text. If there are any, they’re unintentional. But, apparently, in some places the first letter of several paragraphs string together to form coherent messages. I’ve not taken the time to go back over the book and see what phrases turn up where like that. Anyone who has found things like this in “Winter’s Rite”, please let me know. No one has actually said what they’ve found; only that they’ve found “hidden messages”.

“Winter’s Rite”

In a world where humans do not exist, dark magick has been used to bring an early winter down upon the land. It falls to a young Water Nix named Avari to seek out the source of this magick and put a stop to it. As his journey progresses, he encounters a myriad of other beings, some friends, some not…

Scott Harper


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