Issue #3—”Confluence”


“Confluence” is a new ongoing, bimonthly science fiction comic book series. My wife, whom you all know as the extraordinarily talented, award-winning, bestselling paranormal author Desirée Lee, and myself are behind the project. We created it. We write it. We use three separate graphics software programs to create the artwork. We letter the issues. It’s a lot of work. That’s one reason “Confluence” is only being released on a bimonthly basis.

“Confluence” as a series:

“Confluence” is a science fiction/fantasy mash-up. It focuses on Rue Preston, her best friend Nadine Larson, and the “town pest” Marvin Chambers after the trio is pulled through a dimensional rift to another world. The place where they find themselves is a nexus point where an unknown number of realities join. As such, the world where they have found themselves is a place where anything can potentially happen.

Issue #3

New friends are made, a whole new chain of events are set into motion as a result of the Maw attacks in the previous issue.

Scott Harper

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