The first draft of “Hero Life” is wrapped up. I’ve turned it over to my co-writer on this project. He’s the one who will be handling the sale of the script. Unless or until rewrites are requested by a producer for this project, my part in this is all wrapped up.

Now, I’m working on artwork for Issue #4 of “Confluence”. The script was written and edited while I was still finishing up my part of “Hero Life”. The first stage of art for the next issue of “Confluence” is well underway. Soon as Issue #4 of “Confluence” is done, and ready to go to print, I’ll switch over to get Issue #7 of “MoonWraith” done. It isn’t needed for a while, but after that it’ll be back to work on the sasquatch novel that Desirée Lee and i are working on. If Issue #7 of “MoonWraith” isn’t done first, I’ll have to break from the sasquatch novel to get that done. I’d rather get the “MoonWraith” issue out of the way first, and then just concentrate on the new book. If that project has been published by summer, we have a couple of unique promo opportunities for it.

So, that’s where things are just now. As I said in a recent post, thank you all for your patience while waiting on me to get away from comics and screenplays to get back to books. It’s been a while, but I should be back to a novel soon.

Scott Harper


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