“All Hallow’s Haunting”—By Desirée Lee


You all know that I’m lucky enough to me married to the wonderful woman you all know as bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee. Recent posts here have updated you all on my own work, and given promo for books I’ve had published in the past. It’s time to shift that spotlight over to my wife’s work a bit, too.

All Hallow’s Haunting” in a short story/novella that Desirée had published in 2008.

“All Hallow’s Haunting”

Teenagers Dane Grissinger and Kit Eisley never meant for things to go so far when they snuck into the Coulbourne cemetery on Halloween night. Dane’s idea of a seance to contact the wife and son that Silas Coulbourne had murdered seemed like a scary, but thrilling prospect for the night. When Dane disappeared during the ceremony, nobody believed Kit’s story that a ghost took him. Now, 10 years later, Kit is visited by an apparition claiming to be Dane. Kit must bring herself to deal with her ghosts from the past and find the truth about what happened to Dane on that fateful night. Some secrets, however, do not want to be unburied.

And here’s the book trailer for “All Hallow’s Haunting”:

Please check this project out, and enjoy!

Scott Harper


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