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Nearly Finished!


From time to time lately, I’ve been posting updates concerning “Hero Life”. That’s the new screenplay I’m co-writing. For anyone who missed those posts, “Hero Life” is a live-action, feature-length project. The plot revolves around a supernatural superhero. According to the contract, the first draft of “Hero Life” is to be wrapped up by the end of this month. We’re very much on track for that. I fully expect to be turning in the final few pages of this draft of the script next week. Please keep watching this blog and website for updates. I’ll say what I can, when I can. As has been said already, I’m co-writing this one with someone else. This isn’t solely my project. Because of that, I can’t blab too much about it. What’s said publicly right now needs to be agreed upon mutually.

Once “Hero Life” is wrapped up, I have some editing work to do. And some comic book work, in order to keep on track with “Confluence” and “MoonWraith“. Then it’ll be back to a novel. That’ll be nice. I miss writing novels. Lately, most of my time has gone into comic book project, and screenplays.

Scott Harper

“Well Wishes”

Well Wishes Cover_HUGE

To continue the recent every other day posts concerning my older novels, today’s post is regarding my second novel, “Well Wishes“.

“Well Wishes” was a direct sequel to my first book, “Winter’s Rite”. It’s Teen and Young Adult fantasy fiction. Despite the target age range, most of the fans I’ve heard from over the years who have read it have been adults. So, just because you’re not a teen or young adult, don’t be afraid to pick this book up!

“Well Wishes”

When the Princess of the Elven kingdom is taken by a Well Spirit, the Elven king enlists the aid of Avari, the heroic Water Nix who was instrumental in the fall of Veemox the Ur’hunglav only months before. After his attempt to free the Princess results in Fyrnn being taken by the same Spirit, along with the Princess’s best friend, Avari is off on an ocean voyage to a distant, near-mythical island with a reputation from which it earned its name – the Island of Death. Once there, he must confront the terrible creatures which haunt the island in order to bargain with the most powerful Well Spirit of them all to gain the freedom of the captive Elf women. But time is running out for the enslaved Elves. Will Avari make it in time?

Scott Harper



I’ve been a fan of the TV series “Supernatural” since it began back in 2005. When I first saw previews for it, I was curious. I wanted to check it out. But, it was airing at the same time as “House”. I recorded the pilot episode, thinking that “Supernatural” would have to be really good for me to juggle two shows on two different networks in the same time slot. At the time, I was addicted to “House”, and didn’t want to miss a single second. After watching the “Supernatural” pilot, I was hooked. And I juggle the two shows for the rest of the time it and “House” were on at the same time.

Fast-forward to today. We’re nine episodes into the 10th season of “Supernatural”. Wow. 10 seasons is an impressive run for any show. But for a show that was originally designed to only run for three seasons? That should tell anyone who has never watched “Supernatural” just how amazing the show is.

The network had planned a spin-off of “Supernatural” starting this season. The name kept changing. But the last I heard, it was to have been called “Supernatural: Bloodlines”. An episode in Season 9 was titled “Bloodlines”. It was to have essentially served as a pilot for the spin-off. From what I’ve read, test audiences didn’t react well to the spin-off. So, it was canned without ever hitting the airwaves. I’m fine with that. Honestly, the Season 9 episode “Bloodlines” did nothing for me. I didn’t care about any of the new characters. The only moment of the entire episode that really grabbed my interest was the final scene of that episode. It served as a cliff-hanger ending that would have, presumably, been played out in the spin-off show. Maybe “Supernatural” can revisit that for one more episode, and wrap that up. If not, oh well. I’m don’t care enough about the involved spin-off character to be upset if they don’t.

Again, from what I’ve read, the CW hasn’t given up on the idea of a spin-off. That spin-off just won’t be “Supernatural: Bloodlines”.

The eighth episode of this season was called “Hibbing 911”. It brought back two supporting characters from past episodes. Both of these characters are female sheriffs. One was “in the know” about the things Dean and Sam Winchester – the show’s main characters – deal with. The other wasn’t, until “Hibbing 911”. Trying not to drop spoilers here… By the end of the episode, both female sheriff characters had gotten close, and pitched in to help the Winchester brothers deal with the episode’s threat.

“Hibbing 911” had the feel of a spin-off set-up to me. This is a “Supernatural” spin-off that I could get behind! I like both of the supporting characters in question. They play well off each other, being different enough for tension and comic relief, yet meshing well enough to work with each other easily to get the job done. I can see them becoming surrogate sisters to each other in time.

Please let this my official request to the CW network – Please let “Hibbing 911” be the basis of the “Supernatural” spin-off. And please bring me aboard as a writer on the series, I’m a bestselling, award-winning author. Most of my work falls into the fantasy, and paranormal genres. I have screenwriting, and comic book writing experience. And I’ve seen every episode of “Supernatural” to date at least once. I’ve been an avid fan since the pilot. So, here’s a bestselling, award-winning author who writes screenplays, and comic books, too, and is very familiar with the source materiel for the wanted “Supernatural” spin-off.

Scott Harper


Gauntlet Cover

Recently, I started doing a few posts here to promo my novels. I miss writing novels. Screenplays and comic book projects have been taking up the vast majority of my time for the past while. I look forward to a return to novels once my current screenplay project, “Hero Life”, has wrapped up. That should be very soon.

Anyway, I’ve recently done posts here concerning “Quagmire Fen” and “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“. I’m working backward, from my most recently published book to my first. The problem? Yeah, you knew there’d be one! The problem is that the four books that were published between “Gauntlet” and “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” are, for the moment, not available. Hopefully they’ll be re-edited, and re-released under a different publisher in the near future. For now, though? Those four aren’t out.

Which brings me back to “Gauntlet“. It was my third novel.

After stopping a robbery in progress, Elliott Cronholm is approached by someone wishing help him become a costumed vigilante crime-fighter. After refusing, his fiancée is attacked in their home by a stalker. In the wake of the attack, Elliott accepts the role he had been asked to play. While still learning the use of the costume and weapons he has been given, Elliott must track down and stop the first man put on the streets of the city by the same woman – a man with his own warped moral code who relishes killing the criminals he fights, a man who wishes to kill Elliott Cronholm as well, upon learning of Elliott’s new role.

Scott Harper


My wife, who you all know as bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee, recently found several pieces of her work on yet another pirate site. This is very upsetting to us both. While it’s flattering, as an artist of any type, to have people want your work so badly, piracy is a crime. When someone downloads a book via a pirate site, the author receives to royalties from that. It’s not a book sale. It’s a book theft. There’s no other way of describing it.

When you download a book from a pirate site, everyone loses. The author loses the royalty money for what would’ve been sale. The publisher loses the money they’d have made from their cut of that book sale. Any sites or stores that would otherwise have sold that book loses the money they’d have made on that sale. And the person who made the illegal download has lost because they’re now a common criminal.

Please do not use pirate sites. Not now. Not ever. No one wins when you do. Everyone loses. Authors, like any artist, can’t do what we do without support. When you use pirate sites you’re yanking that financial support right out from under us. You’re telling us that you don’t care about us, our families, or our work. You don’t have the respect for us, or the decency, to actually buy our work. Instead, you’re simply stealing it.

Scott Harper

“Quintana Roo, Yucatan”


As you all know, I’m an award-winning, bestselling author. “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” is the book that gave me those titles. It’s also the longest book I’ve written to date. It’s 564-pages-long in paperback. The outline for this book was longer than any one of my first three finished novels were! To check this book out on Amazon, please click on the above book cover image, or the title.

“Quintana Roo, Yucatan”

Rikki Breitenberg is an archeologist in charge of the first team of American documenters allowed by the Mexican government to explore newly discovered Mayan ruins in the Yucatan. However, shortly after their arrival in Mexico, things go awry. Treacherous jungle, inclement weather and dangerous wildlife are only the beginning. When Rikki and her team run afoul of members of an ancient cult devoted to the worship of a bloodthirsty god, things take a terrifying turn for the worse. During their struggle for survival, the team makes a startling discovery that may rewrite the whole of human history. Will they survive to bring their amazing find back to civilization?

Scott Harper

Movie Update


It’s been a little while since I’ve spoken (or typed, rather!) here regarding “Hero Life”. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, I say shame on you! But, since you’re here now, all’s well. Right? Right. “Hero Life”, for those who haven’t been paying attention, is my current project. It’s a live-action, feature-length, paranormal, superhero film. “Hero Life” is one of the things that’s taking my time away from novels. For those of you who are awaiting my next book release, I thank you for your patience. After “Hero Life” is written, I’ll be returning to one of the novels-in-progress that are sitting on my plate. Please bear with me just a little while longer.

This first draft of “Hero Life” is nearly finished. The entire film had been outlined before work even began on the script. Working from that outline, I have notes typed up to run through to the ending of the film. Contractually, “Hero Life” is to be done by the end of this month. If I can manage a couple of low-distraction days (distraction-free with a toddler in the house is impossible; I won’t even try to ask for that!) I expect “Hero Life” to be wrapped up well before the end of December.

Scott Harper

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