Back To A Book


The proof for Issue #4 of “Confluence” arrived in yesterday’s mail. It looks good. Issue #4 will be next month’s issue – February 2015.

Desirée Lee and I are back to work on the sasquatch novel we’re co-writing. As I’ve said here before, if this book has been published by this summer, we have two good promo venues for it. So, for now, that novel has to be our main focus. The clock is ticking. It’s already late January. Writing a book is more time consuming than most non-authors tend to think. We have a huge amount of work to do on this project still, and not a whole lot of time in which to do it. We don’t want to rush, and put out something substandard, either. We have too much respect for our fans to do something like that.

Also, this new book is actually only part of something even larger that we have planned. However, much as I want to spill the proverbial beans about our larger plan here, I won’t. Yet. Please keep checking back for updates!

Scott Harper

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