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Writing Tutor

Hi all.

Before, I’ve offered my services as a professional writing tutor via this blog/website. Its been a while since I’ve put that out here, though. It looks as if the previous time was way back on 04/11/2013. Find that post here, and check out some details if you’re interested.

Or, if you’d rather not go through BetterFly for that service, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page of my website. We can set something up by way of e-mail for what you’d like to learn, lesson times, lengths, and fees.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a bestselling, award-winning author with over 30 published short stories, and nine books to my name. I’ve also branched out into film and comic book work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Harper

A New “Hero Life” Update

Not too long ago, I made several mentions on this blog/website regarding a feature-length film I am co-writing. The title of the project is “Hero Life”. It’s a paranormal superhero story.

Well, as the project is being shopped around to potential producers, several have replied with some variation of, “Wow. This would be a great TV series!” So, we’re exploring that option for “Hero Life”, too. We’re open to selling it as either – a feature film, or a TV series. We have a draft of a pilot for the series, but are still refining it. Still, any producers who are looking for a paranormal superhero story – be it as an on-going TV series, or a feature film – please get in touch. I’ll put you in touch with my co-writer on “Hero Life”. He’s the one handling the sales end of this project. “Hero Life” is also his core idea. My part on this project has been helping to flesh things out, and co-write the material. You can reach me easily from the “Contact” page on my site.

Scott Harper

Reviews, Please

These days, authors need reviews. People look to those to help them decide whether or not to read a given book. Yet many people don’t want to take the time to leave a review.

So, I’m putting this out there to specifically ask all of my fans and readers to please do so. If you read a book – mine, or any other author’s – please take time to leave a review for it. Amazon. Goodreads. Wherever. The more reviews a book has, the better it’s apt to sell.

Quintana Roo, Yucatan” is an award-winning bestseller. Sadly, it’s bestseller status hasn’t yet happened on Amazon. But that book has only four reviews on Amazon. Yet I’ve seen books on Amazon with hundreds of reviews. Please help me out here, everyone. Please take the time to leave reviews of my work – especially if you’ve liked it. It would be a huge help to me.

Thank you.

Scott Harper


To date, I’ve never really given my WordPress blog a real name. It’s featured on the homepage of my website, too. Should I give it a real name? What would the benefits of that be for me, the blog, and my website? Can anyone tell me?

Scott Harper



As you know, Desirée Lee and I are, in addition to being bestselling, award-winning authors, owners of a small publishing house called Umbral Press. We’ve been looking to hire on an editor for a while. Recently, we put up an ad on Craig’s List to that effect. We had an unexpectedly large number of responses. Some of those were good. Others were not so good. But, we’re currently going over the resumes that were sent to us. We’ve narrowing down the list of potentials. Hopefully we’ll make a choice, and have a new editor working for Umbral Press soon. Once that happens, expect Umbral Press’s output to increase. We realize that things there have been slow for a while. We’re trying hard to change that.

Speaking of Umbral Press, Desirée and I are always looking for new authors to publish, too. Are you a writer? Then go to Umbral Press’s website, and check out our requirements on the “Submissions” page.

Scott Harper

“Confluence” Review


The bi-monthly science fiction comic book by myself and Desirée Lee has had its first review. Find that review here.

All four issues of the series to date can be found here.

Scott Harper

New Book Progress


In the effort of keeping all of my fans and readers in the loop, I wanted to take time to update you all on the new book that Desirée Lee and I are co-authoring. This is the sasquatch novel that I’m talking about. I’ve mentioned it a few times recently on this blog/website.

Our current draft is moving along quickly and smoothly. We’ve over 27,000 words into it. Part of the reason as to why we’re making such fast headway is that we’re adapting this from a previous draft. The draft we’re working from is incomplete. It wasn’t working; something was missing. That draft ultimately ended up sitting on the proverbial back burner for a while. Now that we’ve rethought some things regarding it, and are rewriting it with some changes and additions, it’s working well for us. And, since we’re working from a draft that had already been three-quarters or so completed, our progress thus far as been quick.

As I’ve talked about before, we have a couple of good promo opportunities this summer to advertise this book. But, only if it’s out by then. Hopefully it will be. Things look excellent for that at the moment.

Currently, this project still lacks a title. We keep referring to it as “the untitled sasquatch project” or “the sasquatch book”, or similar things. Potential titles keep bouncing around between us. As yet, we’ve not stumbled upon something that we both like. Hopefully that will happen soon. Desirée is fine with working on untitled projects. I don’t like doing so; I like to have a title to think of a given project as. Doing so much work on this book, without it having a proper title, is a very alien thing for me. I don’t like it at all. The project needs a title. Soon as we have one, I’ll give it on this site/blog.

In the meantime, progress on our current draft of “the untitled sasquatch project” continues.

Scott Harper

“Covet Thy Neighbor” Trailer

A couple of times before I’ve mentioned the film “Covet Thy Neighbor” on this blog/website. The film premiered in Ashland, Oregon this past Friday. Here’s the official trailer:

We’ve not yet gotten to watch the film. But if our scene wasn’t cut, Desirée Lee and I have a small cameo in it. All we’re doing is eating in a restaurant. But, still, we’re in there. Again, as long as our brief scene wasn’t cut out in editing. Hopefully it’s still there. I’ll let you all know for sure once we get to watch the movie.

Scott Harper

Astral Games, Medford Oregon


Issues #1 – #3 of the science-fiction comic book series “Confluence” by myself and Desirée Lee can be found in Astral Games. Their address is :

125 S Central Ave Suite 110
Medford, Oregon
For those of you not able to make to that location, you can still find all four issues of “Confluence” on-line, right here.
Scott Harper

#‎SaveConstantine‬ Again

On this past Friday night, the season finale of “Constantine” aired on NBC. Depending upon how things play out, it may end up being the series finale. To everyone involved in the making of “Constantine”, the offer I made in an earlier post on this blog still stands.

Scott Harper

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