Here’s a question going out to all of the other authors out there: What’s your favorite way of coping with interruptions?

Not only am I a bestselling, award-winning author, comic book scribe, and screenwriter. I’m also the stay-at-home father to a healthy, and very, very active 19-month-old daughter. Needless to say, there are a ton of interruptions when I try to work. Yet there are other things, too: people at the door, the ringing telephone, and things like that.

As authors, we have an on-going need to deal with such things. They’re facts of life. They don’t stop because we’re working. And a lot of people simply refuse to accept that fact that working from home is actually working. To their way of thinking, if you’re at home, you’re not working. Therefore, they’re not really interrupting anything important. We’ve all dealt with people like that.

So, other writers out there, how do you cope with such things? We all have our methods. What’s yours?

Scott Harper

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