Stolen Library Books


As a bestselling, award-winning writer, I do a lot of research on various topics. As a paranormal author, a lot of the topics I find myself looking into are things that most people tend to brush aside as pure fiction and fantasy. Do an on-line search for any given supernatural subject, and you’re more apt to find hundreds, if not thousands, of links to sites pertaining to works of fiction, comic books, television programs, and movies than you are to find anything serious on the topic at hand. Likewise, most libraries I’ve ever been in have a very limited selection devoted to mythology, legends, the paranormal, and magick.

So, I’m more upset than the average person probably is over this brief article. It’s hard enough to find such material available in libraries without people stealing it. Everyone, please, do not do this! Return your library books so that others can make use of that resource, too. If you want a copy of a given title so badly, then buy one. By stealing it, you hurt everyone. If it’s an out of print book, look on-line. Odds are you’ll find a copy for sale somewhere. Spend the money. Buy it legally. We’ll all be better off.

Scott Harper

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