New Book Progress


In the effort of keeping all of my fans and readers in the loop, I wanted to take time to update you all on the new book that Desirée Lee and I are co-authoring. This is the sasquatch novel that I’m talking about. I’ve mentioned it a few times recently on this blog/website.

Our current draft is moving along quickly and smoothly. We’ve over 27,000 words into it. Part of the reason as to why we’re making such fast headway is that we’re adapting this from a previous draft. The draft we’re working from is incomplete. It wasn’t working; something was missing. That draft ultimately ended up sitting on the proverbial back burner for a while. Now that we’ve rethought some things regarding it, and are rewriting it with some changes and additions, it’s working well for us. And, since we’re working from a draft that had already been three-quarters or so completed, our progress thus far as been quick.

As I’ve talked about before, we have a couple of good promo opportunities this summer to advertise this book. But, only if it’s out by then. Hopefully it will be. Things look excellent for that at the moment.

Currently, this project still lacks a title. We keep referring to it as “the untitled sasquatch project” or “the sasquatch book”, or similar things. Potential titles keep bouncing around between us. As yet, we’ve not stumbled upon something that we both like. Hopefully that will happen soon. Desirée is fine with working on untitled projects. I don’t like doing so; I like to have a title to think of a given project as. Doing so much work on this book, without it having a proper title, is a very alien thing for me. I don’t like it at all. The project needs a title. Soon as we have one, I’ll give it on this site/blog.

In the meantime, progress on our current draft of “the untitled sasquatch project” continues.

Scott Harper

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