As you know, Desirée Lee and I are, in addition to being bestselling, award-winning authors, owners of a small publishing house called Umbral Press. We’ve been looking to hire on an editor for a while. Recently, we put up an ad on Craig’s List to that effect. We had an unexpectedly large number of responses. Some of those were good. Others were not so good. But, we’re currently going over the resumes that were sent to us. We’ve narrowing down the list of potentials. Hopefully we’ll make a choice, and have a new editor working for Umbral Press soon. Once that happens, expect Umbral Press’s output to increase. We realize that things there have been slow for a while. We’re trying hard to change that.

Speaking of Umbral Press, Desirée and I are always looking for new authors to publish, too. Are you a writer? Then go to Umbral Press’s website, and check out our requirements on the “Submissions” page.

Scott Harper


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