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Desirée Lee and I would like to extend our thanks to everyone for their continued support of our werewolf webcomic, “MoonWraith“. As of today, we have broken 100,000 hits on it! Again, thank you all for your continued support of this project!

In other “MoonWraith” news, we still have an executive producer looking at the project as a potential television series, or movie. Hopefully there’ll be news from that front to report in the very near future!

And for those of you out there who would like to take your support of “MoonWraith” to a new level, please take a look at the project’s page over on Patreon. Even a little over there would be greatly appreciated.

Our thanks continue to go out to everyone who has supported this project. There’s more to come, so keep watching, please! Issue #6 wraps up next Monday. Following week Issue #7 kicks off with the cover, and first page for that issue.

Scott Harper

Promo Question

I have a question for the other authors out there. What is the best social networking site to use for promoting your work? Please let me know. I really don’t see much return for the time I spend on Facebook. Twitter is much better for me. MySpace was pretty much dead the last I knew. Goodreads has been so-so for me. I’ve never gotten much response from Live Journal, either. What are better options for book promo on social networking sites?

Scott Harper


Researcher Reviews Requested


Please forgive the alliteration of the title of this post. I just couldn’t help myself.

A few times here before I’ve made mention of the new book that my wife Desirée Lee, and myself are working on. The project I’m referring to is the still as yet untitled sasquatch novel. As a progress report, I’d like to let you all know that we’re over 58,000 words into the current draft. Anyway, we would like to include reviews of the book by sasquatch field researchers, and/or groups. Either whole reviews, or small snippets from those reviews.

If you are a sasquatch researcher, if you’d be willing to read a digital copy of the book’s manuscript before it’s published, and if you’d be willing to give us permission to use any or all of your review in the book (or on the book cover), and allow the publisher to use said material for promo purposes, then we want to hear from you. Please get in touch with me me via the “Contact” page on my website. The more responses we get to this, the better. So, please share this around as much as you can. The more visible this post becomes, the more potential sasquatch researchers that are likely to see it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper

Desirée Lee on Amazon


As you all know, I’m lucky enough to be married to bestselling, award-winning paranormal author Desirée Lee. Here’s the URL to her Amazon Author Page. Please check it out, and show her your support. I know she’ll be appreciative.

Scott Harper


Recently an idea that has been percolating in the back of my mind for two or three years has started to take shape. It has the feeling of something hidden, though. I can sense the idea growing, and taking shape. Yet it’s as if I catch a small glimpse of it from time to time, but never really see it in its entirety. So, I keep mentally running around, trying to catch this idea, or at least get a better look at it. But it continues to allude me.

If I can ever get this idea “captured”, it would be for a new novella. Maybe a novel. I think it would actually work well for a series of novellas, or novels. It’s wait and see for a series at the moment, though. As I said, the core idea is proving to be very elusive.

Scott Harper


By now, you all know that I’m a contributing writing for the paranormal news site All About Occult. To keep writing for them, I need topics to write about. I find myself hard-pressed on that front. Anyone have any suggestions? If it’s something that hasn’t been covered before, I can write about it. If it’s fresh information, new sightings, etc. of something that has been covered on the site before, I can still cover it.

Please write to me via the “Contact” page of my website with topic suggestions for articles.

Scott Harper



The webcomic “MoonWraith” by Desirée Lee and myself now has a page on Patreon. Please give it a look.

For those of you not familiar with Patreon, it’s basically a crowd-funding site to help artists make a bit of money from their endeavors. “MoonWraith” is a free webcomic. Desirée Lee and I don’t see a penny of return for all the time and effort we put into writing it, or creating the artwork for the series. As such, we take time away from paying work to create something free for our fans. “MoonWraith” is currently being looked at – again – by a producer. This one is looking at it as a possible TV series. Several people have been interested in turning “MoonWraith” into a series, or movie. Thus far, though, no one has put the resources into doing so. Until that happens, “MoonWraith” is bringing us no money. Even if such a film or show happens, as long as the producer and/or network allows the webcomic to continue, we plan to do so.

Fans who help support the “MoonWraith” webcomic via the new Patreon page will be helping us to put food on our table, and clothes on our daughter, and still allow us to devote the time to bringing you fresh “MoonWraith” content each and every Monday.

Scott Harper


Confluence“, the science fiction comic book by myself and Desirée Lee, is going on hiatus. We do plan to pick up with it again, but honestly don’t know when. As you all know, we’re currently hard at work on the new novel. This is the sasquatch book project that still doesn’t have a title. After that, if things go right, we’ll be embarking on the screenplay that I’ve mentioned here before. That’s the one we’ll be working with the very talented musician Mr. Tom Smith on. In the middle of all of this, we’re still trying to work on the RPG book. And a book for authors. And keep up with “MoonWraith“. Plus we’re parents of a healthy, active, 20-month-old daughter.

In short, we’re busy. Something has to give.

Sadly, the response to “Confluence” hasn’t been what we hoped. As such, neither have sales. So, we’re setting this project aside for the time being. Again, we plan to come back to it when times allows. There’s just no time right now to devote ourselves to a project and schedule that isn’t giving us the needed return. Want us to get back to “Confluence” more quickly? Support the project by picking up your copies at the URL given at the start of this post.

Scott Harper

3D Prints?

As you all know, Desirée Lee and I write, draw, and in all other ways produce, the hit webcomic “MoonWraith“. For those of you who aren’t familiar with “MoonWraith”, please check it out. The original concept for “MoonWraith” was as a TV series. After four agents sat on it, and did nothing with it, we adapted it as a webcomic. Currently, a producer is looking over material for “MoonWraith” as a TV series. Wish us luck on that front, please!

DeviantArt is getting into the 3D printing business. How many of you would be interested in possibly buying 3D prints of various characters from “MoonWraith”? Please let me know. When you respond, please let me also know which character(s) you’d be interested in obtaining. This way we’ll know which one(s) to concentrate on if we explore this route. Please reply via the “Contact” form on my website. We look forward to your input!

Scott Harper

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


I want to wish all of my readers and fans a very happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Desirée Lee and I are both torn on this holiday. While we both love the imagery of the leprechauns, clovers, and the green everywhere, St. Patrick’s Day is anything but a pagan-friendly holiday. Still, given the Irish heritage of our family, we’ll be having colcannon for supper tonight, and watching a film on Netflix involving leprechauns. We simply ignore the anti-pagan roots of the day, and enjoy the parts that we like.

So, again, happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of my fans and readers. However you celebrate, I hope you’re safe, happy, and well. And if you’re drinking green beer today, please take care not to overdo it!

Scott Harper

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