Image Question


Several times recently the sasquatch novel that Desirée Lee and I are working on has been mentioned here. The manuscript should be wrapping up soon. We’re still lacking a title for this project, but are narrowing it down. Why are titles so difficult at times?

Anyway, along with the title, cover design is also being narrowed down. For one idea, we need a good close-up image of the face of a sasquatch – either a detailed color drawing or painting – or a photo, or still frame from footage. Looking on-line for free-use images isn’t turning anything up. Most of what we find is cartoon-style clip art that isn’t even remotely what we need. Can anyone help us out?

And, since I’m bringing up this book again, I’ll say once more that we’re still looking for sasquatch investigation groups, and individual researchers to review the book before it’s published. More detail on what we’re looking for along those lines can be found in this recent post.

Scott Harper

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