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Recently acclaimed actor Mr. Stephen Amell, who plays the lead role of Oliver Queen on the hit CW series “Arrow” began talking on-line about efforts to save the TV series “Constantine“. Mr. Amell would not only like to see the show revived, be it on NBC, or some other network, but he would also like to cameo in the series as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Due to this wish on the part of Mr. Amell, it would be wonderful to see the CW network pick up “Constantine”, and incorporate it into their “Arrow”/”The Flash“/”DC’s Legends of the Future” and CBS’s “Supergirl” TV world/continuity.

Why take a day of my writing blog to talk about this here? Because, in part, Desirée Lee and I loved “Constantine”. We want to see more. We want the show brought back. I’m trying to do my own part for the #SaveConstantine efforts that are still going on. And, because, I’d love to write for the show. I’ve talked about that in a couple of prior posts on this website/blog. See those posts here and here, respectively.

If anyone reading this can help get the show back on the air, and enable me to co-write even a single episode of it, please do so! I’m a bestselling, award-winning fantasy/horror/paranormal author with screenwriting, and comic book writing experience.

Scott Harper

New Faerie Photos?


As you all know, I’m a bestselling, award-winning author. Most of my 30+ short stories, and my first couple of books – “Winter’s Rite” and “Well Wishes” – were fantasy. I have other works-in-progress in that genre, too. Partly because of sheer personal interest, and partly due to professional interests, I’m fascinated by faeries. So, when this new article began to circulate, it caught my attention.

What do you all think? Did this woman manage to accidentally catch a snapshot of a faerie while taking photos of the flowers?

Scott Harper

New Record


Desirée Lee and I saw a record amount of traffic on our webcomic “MoonWraith” yesterday. Our thanks to all of you!

Issue #7 is underway on the site currently. We’re working on Issue #8.

Scott Harper

Last Week

I apologize for the lack of posts here last week. It was a bad week for migraines. We also had a death in the family recently, and are getting ready for the memorial service.

But, while I wasn’t posting here last week, I was working on “Hidden Tribe”. We keep getting closer and closer to having that project ready for release!

Scott Harper



In a recent post on this blog/website, I talked a bit about my suspected depression. On Wednesday of last week I had the mentioned appointment with the family doctor. As expected, I came out of it with a diagnosis of depression. Not that I needed a doctor to tell me, but he officially diagnosed me with migraines, and allergies, too. I’m now on prescription medication for all three. It’s helping with the depression and the allergies. The migraines? Not so much yet. Still, I’m trying hard to get myself through this for my family, myself, and all of you – my fans and readers.

Can some good come of this? Hopefully. If possible, I’d like use my status as a bestselling, award-winning author to help bring attention to depression. People who have never suffered from it (and you’re lucky if you haven’t!) don’t know what it’s like. It’s not something you just cheer up from, or get over. It’s not a funk over something in your day that put you in a bad mood. It’s a disease. It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. It’s a serious matter.

If there are any depression awareness, or depression treatment groups out there reading this that would be willing to have an award-winning, bestselling author working with them to bring awareness to the issue of depression, please let me know. I want to hear from you. The best way of getting in touch with me is through the “Contact” page of my website.

Scott Harper

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