As I’ve mentioned on this blog/website before – especially in this post a few months back – “Ghostbusters” is my all-time favorite movie. It might sound strange to say that a comedy changed my life. But “Ghostbusters” introduced me to the paranormal. Since then, I’ve made a serious study of the supernatural, and become a bestselling, award-winning paranormal/fantasy author. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without “Ghostbusters”. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who was involved in the making of that incredible movie.

Now, sadly, “Ghostbusters” is being given a “reboot”. I’m very, very unhappy about that. A passing-of-the-torch film I could have accepted. But a reboot/remake? No. It’s heartbreaking to me to even think about it. Let this post stand as my official protest against that project. I’m not a fan of remakes/reboots to begin with. Honestly, the only remake I’ve seen that I consider better than the original would be the 1986 version of “Little Shop of Horrors“. I’ve seen the original 1960 version of the film. In fact, we have it here on DVD as part of a classic horror film collection. The 1986 remake is vastly better! But that’s the only exception that comes to mind.

Hollywood, please, please, please stop with the remakes and reboots! Stop messing with classic, great films, and turning them into CGI drivel with no plots, and toilet humor! Give us original material worth watching, not a terrible rehash of what was once a great movie.

Scott Harper

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