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Looking For Other Authors


As you all know, Desirée Lee, and I co-own/run a small publishing company. That publisher is Umbral Press. We’re looking for authors to publish. Please check out our submissions requirements, and let us hear from you!

We’re also still looking for a new, qualified editor. If you’re interested, please give those requirements a look on the Umbral Press website, and get in touch with us.

Scott Harper


I’m the bestselling, award-winning author of 30+ published short stories, eight novels, and one novella. My wife Desirée Lee, and myself write, and create the hit mature audience werewolf horror webcomic “MoonWraith”. I’ve also done other comic book work, and branched out into screenplays.

Also, I’m Wiccan, and have made a study and practice of magick. Years of my life have also been devoted to the study of, and dealing with, various aspects of the supernatural, and cryptozoology.

I’d be willing and able to work in the capacity of a consultant in any of the above topics, or fields. That goes for research projects, books, or practical applications. Please just contact me via my website. I have no doubt that we can work out a fair fee for my time and energies. I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper



Just a reminder of the support page Desirée Lee and I have set up on Patreon for our hit webcomic “MoonWraith“. Please help to support this project. Our hope is still to get “MoonWraith” picked up as a movie, or, better still, in its original television series concept. The more visible, and better supported this project is by fan involvement, the better it’ll be for us all!

We want to thank everyone for keeping up with Kizzy Faw and the others by reading “MoonWraith” each week. We truly appreciate you all!

Scott Harper


It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned this on my website/blog. Actually, it’s been quite a while – several years. It looks like the last time I brought this topic up here was back in 2011 in this post. Still, my interest in doing this remains. I’m willing to do an organized class with a group, or one-on-one. I’m willing to teach in person, or via Skype for those outside the area of Dorris, CA where we live. Anyone interested in me taking you on as a student in a creative writing course, please let me know. We don’t even need to go through Betterfly. I have no doubt that we can work out a fair cost for my services.

Remember, I’m a bestselling, award-winning author of fantasy, horror, paranormal, and science fiction books, and short stories. I’ve also branched out into comic books, and screenplays. Look over my website to learn more. I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott Harper

Sasquatch Feeding

Another article, in addition to the one I talked about here yesterday, that has been circulating on-line has also grabbed my interest, and attention. That would be this one.

By now I’m sure you all know that Desirée Lee, and myself are working on a novel which deals with sasquatch. That book is called “Hidden Tribe”, and is currently in edits. You all probably also know about my own encounters, and experiences with at least one sasquatch while I was growing up in Ohio. If not, or if you’d simply care for a refresher on those account, find a telling of them here.

Due to my own experiences with sasquatch, and the fact that I’m a bestselling, award-winning author co-writing a novel concerning sasquatch, I’m very interested in such things. So what do you all think of the accounts of the former state trooper who claims to feed a group of sasquatch on a regular basis?

Scott Harper

Dracula’s Grave?

This article has been circulating on-line for the past few days.

Is anyone else following this story? What do you all think? Should Dracula’s grave, if that is indeed what has been discovered, be opened? As a bestselling, award-winning horror/paranormal/fantasy author I’m very interested to know what you all think.

Scott Harper

“King of Fools”

A while back I was re-sharing the short stories I’ve had published over the years. I just realized that I missed one – a fantasy short titled “King of Fools“. Since this piece first got published several fans and readers have told me that it feels like the prologue to a larger story. Some of them have asked me to write such a project. What do you all think? Do you like this story? Would you like to see it expanded into something larger? Let me know, please!

Scott Harper


Recently I talked a bit here about how a director had begun reading the movie script for “Dart“. He likes the project, and is very interested. “Dart” would be a fairly low-budget film to make. The director is interested in trying crowdfunding to gain the needed funds for this. However, when I’ve tried crowdfunding in the past I’ve not had any luck with it at all. Can anyone reading this help make such a page a success for us in the event the director does try that route on this project? Suggestions? Comments?

Scott Harper




Edits are well underway on my first Wendy Markland novel, “Predators or Prey?”, for a re-release via Umbral Press. It’s been a while now since I parted ways with the publishing company that first released the three existing Wendy Markland books – “Predators or Prey?”, “Necromancer”, and “Vindicated”. With the edits going on for the re-release, it has come to my attention just how poorly-edited the previous editions – the original e-book release, and the paperback release that came some time afterward – were. I apologize to each and every one of you for that poor editing. The editing was one of the problems with that publisher; it was one of the reasons I left them. I had no idea that the final, published editions of “Predator or Prey?” were such a mess, though. Expect different from the Umbral Press re-release.

While I’m on the subject, expect the Umbral Press re-release of “Predators or Prey?” to include two short stories featuring your favorite monster hunter – Wendy Markland. The current plan is for this new edition to include “Remnants”, a short story which had been added to “Predators or Prey?” for the prior paperback release, and also a new, original, first-time-in-print short story.

Please keep watching for news, and updates!

Scott Harper



I have a bit of good news to share. I’ve mentioned before here about several screenplays that I’m trying to find homes for. One of those is an action script titled “Dart“. A director is now reading over that script. Should anything happen on this front, I’ll report what I can, when I can, here on this site/blog.

Wish me luck, please!

Scott Harper

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