Sasquatch Feeding

Another article, in addition to the one I talked about here yesterday, that has been circulating on-line has also grabbed my interest, and attention. That would be this one.

By now I’m sure you all know that Desirée Lee, and myself are working on a novel which deals with sasquatch. That book is called “Hidden Tribe”, and is currently in edits. You all probably also know about my own encounters, and experiences with at least one sasquatch while I was growing up in Ohio. If not, or if you’d simply care for a refresher on those account, find a telling of them here.

Due to my own experiences with sasquatch, and the fact that I’m a bestselling, award-winning author co-writing a novel concerning sasquatch, I’m very interested in such things. So what do you all think of the accounts of the former state trooper who claims to feed a group of sasquatch on a regular basis?

Scott Harper

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