First Day

Our 2-year-old daughter had her first day at Montessori school today. A big chunk of last week was spent getting ready for that. Which explains the lack of regular posts here last week.

Over the weekend we worked hard on painting our kitchen. When we bought this house a little over a year ago everything was blah, boring white – walls, ceilings, trim, and doors. The kitchen is the first room to be repainted. It’s small. We wanted to keep it bright. The walls are now the color Sherwin Williams paint stores officially call “Electric Lime”. The ceiling will be painted bright yellow when we get around to it.

Anyway, the painting took a lot longer than expected. Having a 2-year-old, we should have factored more time in! So, most of my day thus far as been spent pulling down tape, doing touch-ups, and getting the kitchen back in order. Our daughter is home from her first day of school, so I’m calling it quits in the kitchen for today. I’ll try to wrap that up tomorrow.

After that, I hope to return to my regular habit of earlier in the day blog posts here. And to have those posts focus on my writing, and not things like this post.

Scott Harper

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