20,000+ Words

A few weeks ago, I talked here a bit about the new plans for “Warder”. The first book of the series, titled “Warder: Changing Guard”, is well underway. I’m over 20,000 words into it. While still working from the original comic book scripts that would have comprised the first three issues of the “Warder” comic book series, I’m also adding a bit of something else in. I’ll go into more detail on this point once the book is published; I don’t want to give spoilers here. There’s an element that I planned to bring in later in the series, which had not occurred to me at the time, several years ago, when I first wrote those comic book scripts. Now, adapting those scripts as a book, I’m going ahead and bringing that element into Book 1, as a set-up for something I plan for later down the road. But, as a whole, “Warder: Changing Guard” is remaining very faithful to those original scripts.

It feels good to get back to my high fantasy literary roots on this project. Most of the 30+ short stories I’ve had published, and my first two novels, too, were fantasy. Though I write more than fantasy, I was labelled a “fantasy author” for a number of years due to the large body of work in that genre that I had done. At present, I’ve mostly been away from the fantasy genre for a while, working more in horror, and action/adventure. It’s nice to return to my first literary love for now, though.

Scott Harper


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