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“Quintana Roo, Yucatan” – Review Snippets


“This book was my first introduction to the action/adventure genre, but if all of them are like this it won’t be my last.”

“The author does such an amazing job of telling about the trip through the jungle, that at times you feel you are there.”

“This is a novel of pure action and adventure. There was never a dull moment, even for a minute.”

“There was no stop in the action, and if you are into good action this is the book for you.”

“I really loved this book. It was a page turner I couldn’t put down.”

“Once you start you won’t be able to stop reading.”

“I would recommend it to adult readers though as it gets cruel and bloody at times.”

“A classic adventure story.”

Pick up your own copy of my bestselling, award winning book “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” here, now, to enjoy as much as others have!

Scott Harper

Soon…I Hope

The business meeting phone call I’ve spoken about a couple of times here recently still hasn’t taken place. Every time it gets scheduled, it gets postponed by work duties surrounding the other party at the last minute. Hopefully that call will take place very soon. Hopefully, after it does, I’ll have some great news to share here.

Scott Harper

“MoonWraith” – Issue #8


MoonWraith“, the hit werewolf horror webcomic that my wife Desirée Lee, and I create, kicks off Issue #8 today with the cover, and Page #1. Check it out!

And, if you’d really like to help support this on-going free project, please take a look at the “MoonWraith” page over on Patreon.


Scott Harper



Let’s please take a moment to remember those we lost on 9/11.

Scott Harper


The phone call I’ve mentioned here recently a couple of times has been rescheduled again. It’s to happen today, now. Hopefully it does! Wish me luck, please!

Scott Harper

“Warder: Changing Guard”

Recently I talked a bit here about the change in plans regarding “Warder” – that being to adapt what had been planned as an on-going fantasy comic book series to a series of novels, or novellas. Work is underway on the first installment of that series. The current working title is “Warder: Changing Guard”. It will cover what had been planned for the first multi-issue story of the comic book series – had that comic project happened. Currently, the first two chapters have been drafted.

Scott Harper


A few days ago I mentioned a very important call that was to have taken place yesterday. Due to yesterday being a holiday, that call has been changed to this afternoon. Hopefully this will this result in something very good. I’ll say more here when I can. Please wish me luck on this!

Scott Harper

“Gauntlet” – Review Snippets

Gauntlet Cover

This is a book well worth a read.”

“This was a very interesting read.”

“Who doesn’t like reading about superheroes in a suit that gives you the power to protect the innocent, while it protects the person wearing it? This is definitely a good vs. evil scenario.”

“In addition, to the story line about the suits there is also the love story between Elliott and Rhiannon. This back story is wonderful and the two characters are warm loving and devoted.”

Pick up your own copy of “Gauntlet” here, now!

Scott Harper



Desirée Lee ran across an interesting tidbit yesterday that sort of ties into my award-winning, bestselling action/adventure novel “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“. Here’s what she found. This is unverified, but interesting – especially if it’s true:

Yucatan, Mexico, was named after a misunderstanding. Spaniards asked the locals what was the place called. They replied “Yucatan,” which in their language means “I don’t understand you.”

As she said, that might explain some things in “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“!

Scott Harper



Desirée Lee and I have had something potentially very good to happen with a film project. We can’t say much – anything, really – at this point. Hopefully that will change on this coming Monday. Please wish us luck! If something does happen with this, I’ll post here about it soon as I can.

Scott Harper

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