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Blessed Samhain


Tomorrow is October 31st – Halloween to most. We celebrate it as Samhain here in our household. Regardless of how you celebrate the day, or if you do at all, I want to wish you all a wonderful day, and safe day!

Scott Harper

More Aquaman


As you all well know by now, I’m a big fan of DC Comics. Batman is my main character, but, over the past few years, I’ve become a big Aquaman fan, too. I talked about that in this post a while back.

Several years ago an “Aquaman” television series had been in development. That project didn’t make it. If I remember right, a pilot for that project was filmed, but never aired. From what I’ve seen, it didn’t look as if that show would truly do justice to the character. Aquaman is an amazing character. After watching “Arrow”, “The Flash”, the pilot for “Supergirl”, and seeing previews for the upcoming show “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”, I know it’s possible for television to handle complex and difficult characters on an episodic basis. Yes, a TV series featuring Aquaman would be visually complex. But looks at “The Flash”! They’ve used Gorilla Grodd (and won an award for those CGI effects!) and routinely continue to show us Firestorm. I’ve read that the “Supergirl” pilot had a budget of $14 million. My jaw dropped when I saw that!

I really want a network to throw resources like that at an “Aquaman” series. The call I put out to DC Comics and Warner Bros. in the post I linked to above still stands. How about it, guys?

Scott Harper

Wonder Woman Again


Watching the pilot episode of “Supergirl” this past Monday evening got me to thinking, once again, about the “Wonder Woman” television series that almost happened a few years ago. I would still love to see such a project happen – if it were done right. As I talked about some time ago in this post, I’m not at all happy with the past few years’ worth of changes to the character in the comics.

The call I put out to DC Comics and Warner Bros. in the post I linked to above still stands!

By the way, the “Supergirl” pilot looks to have done very well in the ratings according to this article. We’re looking forward to the next episode here in our household!

Scott Harper

Addendum To Yesterday


Something I forgot to mention in my post here yesterday – I also have long hair. It’s down past my waist, and usually pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of my way. Some people think this adds to the intimidation factor.

So, as I asked yesterday, do you all think such an appearance in public as I described then helps given my status as a writer? Or hurts it? Or makes no difference?

Scott Harper

Freaking People Out


This morning, Desirée Lee had a routine doctor appointment; nothing to be concerned about. I went with her. We got up, and around, had breakfast, and Desirée got Toddler Girl to school. Everything was running smoothly. Which was good, as we were on a bit of a tight time schedule. Then, as I was putting on my sneakers, the lace of my right shoe broke. Of all the time for that to happen! And, naturally, we didn’t have any spare shoe laces in the house. So, I quickly changed out of the blue jeans I had originally put on, and put black jeans on to better go with the shoes I ended up wearing – my goth black bat boots.

At the doctor’s office, after Desirée had been called back, I sat in the waiting room, reading. I’m currently reading “Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy – Collector’s Edition” by R.A. Salvator, by the way. It’s the first “Forgotten Realms” I’ve ever read, and I’m enjoying it very much.

Anyway, there I was, sitting quietly, reading. I had on my pentacle amulet (which I never leave the house without), bat boots, black jeans, black socks, a black T-shirt with a white wolf on it, and my black coat that has a nice, warm gray fleece lining. It was in the low 30s, and very foggy out at the time – Pacific Northwest autumn at its finest! The chair I was seated in was situated between the doors, and the check-in desk.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed two people walking in my direction very, very slowly. I glanced up, and saw a young woman, and her very young son. The woman had a tight hold on her little boy. Her eyes were wide, and she was staring at me. Abruptly, she rushed her son by me to the check-in desk. I don’t know what happened at the desk concerning them, but the woman had to go back out to her car for something, then come back in. That meant walking by me twice more. Both times she walked very slowly, as if dreading getting anywhere near me, and then practically ran her little boy by me before settling into a normal walk after getting on the other side of where I happened to be sitting. Keep in mind, too, that I’m 6′ 1″, and around 220 pounds. I’m not a little guy. But even if people notice my pentacle amulet, and not knowing what it really means, give me frowns, I don’t typically garner the types of reactions that I got this morning from that young woman – unless I’m wearing the bat boots. As they’re not overly comfortable, and they have zero traction, I don’t wear them often. Desirée  loves them, so I sometimes wear them for that reason alone. This morning, I had them on as I was unable to wear my usual sneakers out and about.

Though nothing at all came up about my writing career in talking to anyone while we were out this morning – it usually doesn’t – I can’t help but wonder something. Do such reactions from people, whether they know of my work as a writer, or not, help or harm my status as a bestselling, award-winning author? Or does it even matter one way, or the other? Even if people see me wearing the bat boots, and know that I’m an author, I write paranormal, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. People often expect authors to dress in accordance with whatever genre(s) they work in.

What do you all think?

Scott Harper

Help Us Out?

Desirée Lee and I are often asked by fans what they can do to help promote our work. Because this is such a common question, I wanted to cover it in a blog post as it’s been a while.

The answer to the question is very simple—Buy our work! Another very easy way is word of mouth. If you’d like to help promote our work—or the work of any other authors for that matter—simply talk to people about it. Family. Friends. Co-workers. People on the street with whom you strike up a conversation. Anyone you can tell; the more the better.

Social networks provide an excellent method for doing this, too. Post social updates such as, “I’m currently reading “Within These Stone Walls” by Desirée Lee”. What are you reading?” Or Tweet something like, “Just read “Quintana Roo, Yucatan” by Scott Harper. I loved that book, and hope he writes a sequel!”

Both Desirée and myself are on Facebook and Twitter. Like our fan pages on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Click the “Like” button on Facebook posts, and share those posts to your own Timelines. Favorite our Tweets, and reTweet them so your own Followers can see them.

Just by doing those few simple things, you can do a huge, huge amount to help spread the word about our work. Want to help promote your favorite authors? That’s a 100% free, simple way. Odds are you’re already doing those things for one or two big-name celebrities. Please take a couple of moments from your busy day to include us in that, too.

Big Name Autographs

Are you looking for the autograph of your favorite celebrity? Do you collect celebrity autographs yourself? Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who collects celebrity autographs?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, you might want to check out Strickler’s Celebrity Autographs. You can reach it easily simply by clicking on the banner in the “Links” section of my website: Enjoy!

Scott Harper

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