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I’ve mention here before the international traffic I see on my website/blog. Recently, there’s been a huge upsurge of worldwide traffic. I want to devote today’s post to thanking all of you, around the globe, for taking time out of your busy, hectic lives and schedules to check in. Thank you all for coming with me on the journey that is my writing career. I hope you all enjoy my work, and I very much look forward to sharing much, much more with you.

Within the past few days, besides traffic from the Unites States, I’ve had visitors from:



Czech Republic




Isle of Man







Saudi Arabia


United Kingdom


Again, thank you all so very much! There are no words to express how pleased and happy it makes me to get visitors from around the world like that. You’re all fantastic! Thank you again for visiting me, and taking the time to learn more about me, and my work.

Scott Harper

“All Hallow’s Haunting” By Desirée Lee


Only 30 days until Halloween – the favorite holiday of myself, and my terrific wife Desirée Lee. That makes this the perfect time to grab a copy of Desirée’s novella “All Hallow’s Haunting“.

Teenagers Dane Grissinger and Kit Eisley never meant for things to go so far when they snuck into the Coulbourne cemetery on Halloween night. Dane’s idea of a seance to contact the wife and son that Silas Coulbourne had murdered seemed like a scary, but thrilling prospect for the night. When Dane disappeared during the ceremony, nobody believed Kit’s story that a ghost took him. Now, 10 years later, Kit is visited by an apparition claiming to be Dane. Kit must bring herself to deal with her ghosts from the past and find the truth about what happened to Dane on that fateful night. Some secrets, however, do not want to be unburied.

Scott Harper

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