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“Newsweek” Sasquatch


Who else has picked up their copy of the special edition of “Newsweek” that’s devoted entirely to sasquatch? I haven’t had time to read the entire issue yet, but we made sure to grab a copy. As you all know, due to experiences with at least one sasquatch that I had while growing up in Ohio, the topic is one of extreme interest for me.

Our thanks to Mr. Cliff Barackman for sharing news of this issue’s release on his Facebook page recently. Had he not done that, this might have slipped by without our notice.

My wife and I also have a book in the works dealing with that subject. It’s called “Hidden TribeHidden Tribe“, and is currently in edits.

Scott Harper

Back To It

A while back I said that “Warder: Changing Guard” would be set aside for a time while I got artwork for the next issue of “MoonWraith” done. That whole process took a lot longer than usual due to software problems. But, it’s done now. In fact, that issue has gone through edits, and is ready for uploading to the site. I’ll get that done ASAP. So, now it’s back to “Warder: Changing Guard” for another read-through before it gets turned over for editing.

Scott Harper

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Regardless of how you celebrate, where you are, or what you’re doing, I hope you all have a safe, fun holiday!

Scott Harper

“Covet Thy Neighbor”

Everyone remember months ago when I posted about the independent film called “Covet Thy Neighbor” by Tunnel 13 Films that was being filmed in this area? Desirée Lee and I had tiny background/extra roles in the film. Toddler Girl appeared in it, too, though we don’t normally allow photos of her out publicly. We made an exception this time so that she can say, when she’s older, that she appeared in a movie as a baby.

Tunnel 13 Films has now put “Covet Thy Neighbor” up on YouTube to be watched for free. Desirée Lee, Toddler Girl (Baby Girl back when this was filmed), and I appear briefly on-screen at about the 19-minute mark on the film. The entire film runs 34:02. Just before seeing us on-screen, you’ll notice our friend Haywood Macabre. He’s the one-armed guitar player. Yes, he’s very good at what he does!

A word of warning – This film is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It contains quite a bit of swearing, some nudity, violence, and drug use. Enjoy!

Scott Harper


The phone call interview I’ve mentioned on this blog/site recently would have happened today. But, our daughter has a Thanksgiving event going on at her school today. Which means the call had to be postponed. It’s to happen next Tuesday – one week from today. I’m being told now that it’ll be a preliminary to the actual Q&A.

This isn’t a job interview. It concerns the sasquatch sightings/encounters I had in Ohio while growing up. This will also serve as some advance promo to the new book my wife and I have in edits – “Hidden Tribe”.

Scott Harper

Unknown Air Date

People keep asking when the episode of “Finding Bigfoot” that we attended filming for last week will air. As I explained in this post, we don’t know that at this time. From what we were told at the filming, that episode could tentatively air sometime this coming March. It’s up to Animal Planet, though. We’ll announce the actual air date for the episode when we know it.

Scott Harper



Light, and what can be done with it, have always fascinated me. Holograms. Fiber optics. Anything glow-in-the-dark. Prisms. I find all of them captivating. My wife – best known to all of you as bestselling, award-winning author Desirée Lee – seems to find my fascination with such things amusing.

For years I’ve wanted to take up holography as a hobby. But, it’s very expensive to get into. And it takes up a lot of space to set up the equipment. In this house we bought in the summer of 2014 I might be able find the space. But the cost of the the start-up equipment is still a factor. Not to mention the high cost of the holographic plates. Hopefully some day…

Still, wanting to do something involving holography, I’ve researched holographic printers used for business cards and such other items. I’ve found them on the market. You can buy them for home or business use. But, again, they’re very expensive. I’ve seen a few houses listed on the market that cost less than a holographic printer! And the highly specialized rolls of film that the printers use also cost a bundle. These machines aren’t something someone buys strictly for their own use. They’re something that only a few select businesses would be shelling out the cash for.

While I was looking into these printers, Desirée and I were talking about how cool it would be if our business cards, promotional bookmarks, and other such items were holographic. They would certainly grab a lot of attention! But, given the high cost of the printers, and since we have no plans to go into business of printing for other people, such machines are beyond us at the moment.

Does anyone reading this post happen to have, have access to, or know someone with, one of these holographic printers? If so, what would the cost be for having batches of business cards, bookmarks, or other similar items printed for us? Please get in touch, and let us know.

Scott Harper


Updates to my laptop have reset pretty much everything involving the Internet. All of my usernames, passwords, etc. have been wiped out, needing to be entered again. My bookmarks are gone, too. So, this is going to be a fun (smell that sarcasm!) day getting things back. Anyone waiting to hear from me, please be patient if it takes me a day or two to get back to you.

Scott Harper

Telephone Interview


Yesterday I was asked to partake in a telephone interview sometime in the near future. I agreed. The subject of the interview is to be my experiences and encounters with the sasquatch that took place in Ohio. As yet, I don’t know when this call will take place. Hopefully it will happen soon. When I can, I’ll share the interview here.

In addition to helping the sasquatch research community, this should also make for some good promotion for the book that Desirée Lee and I currently have in edits – “Hidden Tribe“.

Scott Harper

“Finding Bigfoot”


Luckily, the weather cooperated yesterday. We had a little snow, but not nearly enough to keep us from the “Finding Bigfoot” town hall meeting up in Chiloquin, Oregon.

Although the entire process took longer than expected, making for a lengthy day, Desirée Lee and I had a blast. The tribal drumming and singing to welcome the “Finding Bigfoot” cast/researchers was stunning. There were some really great accountings of local sasquatch activity recounted by several of the people there. Anyone even passingly familiar with the television series “Finding Bigfoot” knows what a part of each show the town hall meetings, and the stories recounted at them, play.

Desirée and I have had one possible sighting right here in Dorris, California – yes, within the city limits. Just barely, but still within the city limits. And you all probably know of my accounts from Ohio years ago. We had hoped to talk about our probable sighting here in Dorris at the filming of the show yesterday. However, the episode is being slanted toward sightings/encounters by local native peoples. So, they were given first chance to tell about their own encounters with sasquatch. There were enough of those to fill the time. As a result, no non-natives got to speak. However, we did get the chance to tell each of the four cast members/researchers of the sighting afterward.

Getting to meet each of them – Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Renae Holland, and James “Bobo” Fay – was a true pleasure. If you four are reading this: Matt, the surprise parking lot meeting caught me off-guard, but was truly awesome, and epic for me. Thank you most sincerely. Renee, thank you for the added helpful information, and we really do want to read the new book. Cliff, I meant what I said about not being at all sorry that you – via the show – taught our two-year-old daughter how to do sasquatch howls. And, once again, our heart-felt thanks to each of you for the autographs.

Though Desirée and I didn’t get to tell of our local sighting on camera, given where we were sitting during the meeting it’s almost a certainty that we will appear on TV when that episode of “Finding Bigfoot” airs. From what we were told yesterday, the air date for the currently-filming episode will be sometime during this coming March. I’ll let you all know, via this website/blog, when we know a more exact air date. The episode is centered on the Pacific Northwest, so please keep watch for it in your TV listings!

The above photo was taken yesterday by a friend of ours who was also in attendance. We didn’t know about the photo until today. It’s of Desirée and I standing with Matt Moneymaker after the filming. Had we known he was taking this photo, we’d have posed for it!

Scott Harper

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