Paranormal Fact Versus Fiction


As you all know, I’m a bestselling, award-winning author. Most of my work thus far has landed in the fantasy, horror, and paranormal genres. Due to both work, and personal interest, I pay attention to stories of hauntings, and other supernatural activity. As such, I often watch paranormal-themed programs on television. A lot of those have sprung up during the past few years!

On such shows, though, the networks are, of course, interested only in ratings. So, they tend to showcase very active, and often disturbing – if not outright horrifying – cases. My wife, who you know as Desirée Lee, and I have both lived in haunted houses before. The house we now live in also has some activity. Both of us can tell you, based on firsthand experience, that most such haunted places are typically quiet. When the entity, or being, in question does get active, most of the time the happenings are low-key, barely noticed. Even the more noticeable things tend to be more amusing, surprising, or annoying than anything dangerous. For instance, the house I grew up in had a ghost who loved to swipe small things from the house – such as scissors, the stapler, and other such things – and place them in the little-used basement. No one would have been in the basement for months, yet something that went missing weeks ago would be found down there. It also liked to turn radios on; presumably it liked music! Desirée grew up in a house with the ghost of a kindly elderly woman who liked to make sure that everyone in the family was home safe, and tucked warmly into bed each night.

Television shows dealing with paranormal happenings don’t like to cover cases such as those. They’re not frightening, or attention-getting. They want to shock audiences with stories of violent, scary beings who attack people, throw things, cause strange substances to appear from nowhere, etc. The more demonic, and the less truly ghostly, the better the networks, and producers of those programs like it.

Again, most hauntings aren’t like that at all. Most are subdued, quiet happenings. Yes, violent ghosts do exist. Not all ghosts are content to share a house with the living. Some will go to great lengths to drive out what they see as intruders into their domain. Such cases need to be dealt with very carefully. Demonic obsession, and demonic possession also happen. These things, especially true demonic possession, are very rare, though – luckily.

I just wanted to point out to my fans and readers that there is a line that divides fact and fiction. When dealing with the supernatural, its easy to blur that line – or to loose sight of it altogether. Odds are that if you think you’re dealing with a haunting, you aren’t. There’s probably a different cause for whatever you’ve experienced that’s leading you to believe that your house if haunted. Even if you are truly dealing with something otherworldly, its probably nothing to be afraid of. Most entities responsible for hauntings are very benign.

However, if you do find yourself dealing with something, and would like advice from someone who has deal with such phenomena first-hand for years, feel free to contact me. Even if you simply want to talk about what’s happened, or is happening, to you with someone who has an open mind about such topics, please get in touch. A lot of people don’t want to discuss such situations with anyone for fear of ridicule. If anyone reading this post is in such a predicament, feel free to write to me. Maybe I can give you some advice. At the very least, I can listen.

Scott Harper

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