Author Opinions?

Some people say it’s okay for an author to express their own opinions via their characters. Some people expect it, or even think that every single word out of the mouth of every single character in a book is the author’s stand on a given issue.

Others seem to expect the author to be a separate being from their characters, and for said characters not to embody any of the author’s personal thoughts or opinions. Personally, I don’t see how the latter could even work, as the characters are an extension of the author – part of the author’s imagination.

Where do all of you stand on this matter? Is it all right an author to express his or her viewpoints and opinions through their characters? Or should the author keep such things to themselves whenever possible?

I have gotten comments over the year from a few readers – and editors! – complaining of my own personal views being expressed by characters.  So, again, what do you all think of this issue?

Scott Harper

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