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Sit Down With Ed Brown

The interview I did last week with sasquatch researcher Ed Brown is now available on-line:

By now, you’re all probably familiar with these events. But this is the first time I’ve ever been interviewed about them, and talked about them like this – verbally – on-line.

As of this posting, I haven’t even had the time to watch this video yet. I’m told it turned out well, though.

Scott Harper

Brand Building

I have another question for you other authors out there: How do you best build your name and work as a brand? Please comment with your best ideas and suggestions.

Scott Harper

Reading Aloud

A very common writing/editing tip I run across a lot is to simply read your work aloud. This helps you, as the author, to gauge the flow of your words. It also serves to help with sentence length – if it takes more than one breath to read one sentence, then the sentence is too long. It also helps to let the writer know if the dialogue sounds natural, or not.

Once in a while I do a bit of reading aloud of my work for these reasons. But I don’t do it as often as I probably should.

Is it really helpful to do this all the time while editing a manuscript? Is this something I ought to be doing all the time, rather than only here and there?

What do you other writers out there think of this practice?

Scott Harper

Telephone Interview Call


The sasquatch-related phone interview took place yesterday morning. For those just hearing bout this for the first time, the interview covered my sightings, and other experiences involving at least one sasquatch while I was growing up in Ohio. It may be a few days before the recording is on-line. Soon as it’s available, I’ll be sure to share it here.

Scott Harper

Next Issue


Currently, Issue #8 of “MoonWraith” is running on the website. Issue #9 is finished, uploaded, and ready to go when it’s time. Issue #9 will wrap up the current story. The cover, and Page #1 will both be up on 02/08/2016. After that, the issue will run at the usual pace of one page per week – “MoonWraith” Monday. The final page of Issue #9 will be up on 07/04/2016.

Scott Harper

“Paranormal Witness”


I didn’t start watching the hit SyFy program “Paranormal Witness” until just before its fourth season began to air. I set the DVD to record all episodes of it so I could catch up on what I’ve missed over the prior three seasons. Most episodes that I’ve seen deal with hauntings/ghosts. But not all. I’ve also seen an episode devoted to a very famous UFO sighting/abduction case. And, part of an episode that I watched yesterday was devoted to something of great interest to me – a werewolf case.

Growing up, werewolves terrified me. I could cope easily with anything else – ghosts, vampires, demons, zombies (which I’ve never been much of a fan of) genetic mutants, etc. But werewolves would give me horrible nightmares. Now, I work with my wife on the hit werewolf webcomic “MoonWraith“, and have written some werewolf literature, too. At some point over the years I’ve gone from being horrified of lycanthropy to being fascinated by it.

The “Paranormal Witness” episode in question was Season 2 Episode 10. The first half of it was titled “The Cabin”. It happened in London, Ohio in 1981, or 1982. I grew up in Marysville, Ohio, which is only about half an hour’s drive from London, Ohio. When the events covered in that episode of “Paranormal Witness” took place, I’d have been 6 or 7-years-old. I was never aware of this case until watching that episode of “Paranormal Witness” yesterday. Had I know about those goings-on as a child, I might still be in therapy, given my extreme werewolf phobia while growing up!

Now, as a 40-year-old adult, I find the case of great interest – both on a personal level, and a professional one as a bestselling, award-winning author of horror, and the paranormal. I don’t want to give spoilers of the episode here, and take anything away from “Paranormal Witness”. So I’ll only say here that the case involved a young family, who lived in a fairly secluded place, surrounded by woods, being stalked for months by what may well have been a werewolf. What the husband and his friend were shown at the close of the case gave me serious chills!

Given my interest in topics such as this, I want to, once again, extend an invitation to anyone reading this to contact me with any such sightings/encounters of your own. It needn’t necessarily be a werewolf sighting, either. I’m interested in all areas of the paranormal, and cryptozoology. Please get in touch via the “Contact” page on my website.

Scott Harper

1st Annual Bigfoot Conference


The 1st Annual Bigfoot Conference is being held in 2016 in Kennewick, Washington. It is scheduled to run from September 2nd – 4th. Friends of ours – my wife and myself – are the driving force behind this event. They’ve already confirmed some very big names in the sasquatch research community to attend, as seen on the above flier.

My wife and I hope to be able to attend. But, having a 2-years-old – she’ll be 3-years-old by the time of this event – might put a crimp in that. It’s wait and see on whether or not we’ll be able to be there. Still, we hope to attend.

Regardless, if you’re at all interested in the topic of sasquatch, try and make it to the conference. It’s sure to be memorable event given everyone scheduled to be there. As our friends are still hard at work on this, I’m sure the guest list will be even more impressive by the time of the conference kicks off the better part of a year from now!

Scott Harper


As you all know, I’m back to work on “Warder: Changing Guard”. I’m giving the manuscript one final going over before turning it over for edits.

Over the years that I’ve been writing professionally, I’ve learned a vast amount about editing. One thing that editors harp on a lot are crutch words – words that an author uses over and over and over and over and over and over again. As an author, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of using a crutch word without even realizing that you’re doing it. One major word that has been brought to my attention again and again is the word “was”. It’s use is grammatically correct. But, with a bit of reworking, just about any sentence that uses the word “was” can be rewritten to omit that word. and sound better. Some editors let “was” slide. Others don’t.

During the editing processes of my award winning, bestselling novel “Quintana Roo, Yucatan“, and my critically acclaimed novella “Quagmire Fen“, I had several discussions regarding “was”. Long story short, a lot of repetition of the word ended up being cut from both of those projects.

Now, working on “Warder: Changing Guard”, I’ve set myself a personal challenge. Thus far, I’ve held to it. The challenge? To write an entire book without relying on the word “was” even once. “Warder: Changing Guard” isn’t a long book. If it were to be published as-is, right now, it would be 100-pages-long in an over-sized 6×9 format. Still, 100 pages written without using “was” even once…

Doing this has really made me aware of how reliant I tend to be on the word. While reading the work of other authors, I find myself counting how many times they used “was” per page. Sometimes I see it multiple times in a single paragraph.

Eliminating “was” from an entire book has had an interesting effect on it. “Warder: Changing Guard” pulls the reader into things more. It’s far more active, far less passive. It’s amazing what refusing to use one single word, even one time, in a book can do for the story!

Here’s hoping that all of you like “Warder: Changing Guard” as much as I do right now!

Oh! About the length of “Warder: Changing Guard”… The plan, currently anyway, is to release each “Warder” book as an e-book only to start with. Then, when several are out, to publish several of them at a time, three or four, in paperback. An original story will likely accompany them in the paperback edition.

Scott Harper

“Lampreys In Lingerie”

Sometimes the title for a story will simply pop into my mind. Most of the time it’s a title I’ll never use. Typically, it isn’t even for any story ideas that I have. Often, these random title ideas are very silly, as well non-applicable.

Yesterday, what may the silliest one ever came to mind – “Lampreys In Lingerie”. I have no idea where it came from. As Mr. Dan Aykroyd’s character Dr. Ray Stantz said near the end of “Ghostbusters” when conjuring up Mr. Stay Puft, “It just popped in there!”

Given that yesterday’s post had a darker tone to it, I thought it a good idea to offset that with a bit of silliness today. Maybe the increase of the antidepressant is helping me more than I even noticed.

Scott Harper

New Depression Update


It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my fight with depression here. I do so from time to time since the depression effects my work – and thereby also touches my fans and readers.

Last week, I had an appointment with our family doctor. Given how I’ve been doing lately, he actually doubled the dosage of the antidepressant he’s had me on the for the past few months. When I first went on the medication, it helped me out a lot. Apparently, my system has gotten used to the dosage, because I was slipping back into worse depression and anxiety once again. Evidently, given what my wife has said, it was happened to a greater extent than I had even been aware of.

As I’ve mentioned on this blog/website before when writing about this topic, I would be very interested in acting as a spokesperson – or in some other way working with – a depression awareness group. I’m a bestselling, award-winning author. I feel that my position as such could and would help bring greater awareness to the problem of depression.

For those of you who have never dealt with depression, it is a problem. Please don’t ever belittle depression, or anyone suffering from it. It is an illness, the same as any other. It isn’t at all easy for those who suffer from it. It isn’t easy for our loves one, either.

Scott Harper

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