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In Edits

“Warder: Changing Guard” has gone through a final read-through by me. It’s now officially turned over for edits.

I’m still very excited about this project – both this first installment, and the series as a whole. I hope that all of you feel the same upon reading “Warder: Changing Guard”.

Scott Harper

Author Opinions?

Some people say it’s okay for an author to express their own opinions via their characters. Some people expect it, or even think that every single word out of the mouth of every single character in a book is the author’s stand on a given issue.

Others seem to expect the author to be a separate being from their characters, and for said characters not to embody any of the author’s personal thoughts or opinions. Personally, I don’t see how the latter could even work, as the characters are an extension of the author – part of the author’s imagination.

Where do all of you stand on this matter? Is it all right an author to express his or her viewpoints and opinions through their characters? Or should the author keep such things to themselves whenever possible?

I have gotten comments over the year from a few readers – and editors! – complaining of my own personal views being expressed by characters.  So, again, what do you all think of this issue?

Scott Harper

How Absorbed Do You Get?

When I’m reading, I tend to get very absorbed in the book. I’m talking to the point where I’m simply not aware of anything else going on around me. It’s sometimes as if we rest of the world has faded away. Or maybe I have – into the book.

Other people tend to do this, too, but I don’t know just how common it is. How absorbed do you get in a book when you’re reading? How normal is it to be so into a book that it’s as if the rest of the world has gone away?

Scott Harper

Sit Down With Ed Brown

The interview I did last week with sasquatch researcher Ed Brown is now available on-line:

By now, you’re all probably familiar with these events. But this is the first time I’ve ever been interviewed about them, and talked about them like this – verbally – on-line.

As of this posting, I haven’t even had the time to watch this video yet. I’m told it turned out well, though.

Scott Harper

Brand Building

I have another question for you other authors out there: How do you best build your name and work as a brand? Please comment with your best ideas and suggestions.

Scott Harper

Reading Aloud

A very common writing/editing tip I run across a lot is to simply read your work aloud. This helps you, as the author, to gauge the flow of your words. It also serves to help with sentence length – if it takes more than one breath to read one sentence, then the sentence is too long. It also helps to let the writer know if the dialogue sounds natural, or not.

Once in a while I do a bit of reading aloud of my work for these reasons. But I don’t do it as often as I probably should.

Is it really helpful to do this all the time while editing a manuscript? Is this something I ought to be doing all the time, rather than only here and there?

What do you other writers out there think of this practice?

Scott Harper

Telephone Interview Call


The sasquatch-related phone interview took place yesterday morning. For those just hearing bout this for the first time, the interview covered my sightings, and other experiences involving at least one sasquatch while I was growing up in Ohio. It may be a few days before the recording is on-line. Soon as it’s available, I’ll be sure to share it here.

Scott Harper

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