Short Preview – “Hidden Tribe”


As you all know, one of the books that Desirée Lee and I are currently co-authoring is our sasquatch novel, “Hidden Tribe“. It’s undergoing final edits right now. The following is a short preview – the opening five paragraphs – of the book.

Iktomi crouched low to the ground, his massive bulk hidden behind the wide trunk of a broken pine tree, and clusters of ferns. He remained motionless, rendering himself all but invisible, listening.
The dual sounds of the deer’s racing hooves in the clutter of vegetation, and its pounding heart, told Iktomi the exact location of the prey. Mingled with the noises of the deer’s panic were the footfalls of Toylona, as she gave chase through the dense forest.
At precisely the right moment, Iktomi leapt from cover, relieving his mate, and taking over the pursuit. He bristled his hair from head to foot, adding perceived size to his already considerable largeness. The deer bleated its terror and dismay, angling away from Iktomi as he lunged.
Exhausted though it may have been, the deer sprang forward, charging away, struggling to increase the distance between them. Iktomi refused to allow the prey to escape. The healthy young buck would feed Iktomi, Toylona, and their offspring for two or three days. He gave chase, using his long, powerful legs to their maximum advantage.
When the deer’s zigzag path took it around several trees which forced Iktomi to slow his pursuit, he inhaled deeply. Lungs filled with air, Iktomi jumped clear of the trees, bellowing. His chest vibrated with the combined force of the roar, and the infrasound underlay.

Scott Harper

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