For quite a while now, many years, really, I’ve been interested in the Freemasons. Not just as historical figures, or the rich story plot elements that the order could represent. As a bestselling author, everything gets filtered through that lens of “how could this be used in a story?” in my mind. My interest in Freemasons is more than that, though. I’d truly like to learn about them.

Research done on-line really hasn’t turned up a whole lot along these lines for me. Most of what I find are the same bits of information, taken almost verbatim, from one site to another. And I have no idea how accurate that information even is.

So, are any of my readers/fans Freemasons? If so, please get hold of me through the “Contact” page of my website. If you’re willing, I’d very much like to get a dialogue going with you, and learn about the Freemasons.

Scott Harper

  1. Will be contacting you.

    Raymond Sean Walters

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