Great News For Whovians!


I typically try hard to keep this blog/website strictly work-related. So, to that end, please let me reiterate something I’ve put up here before as a lean-in: I’m a long-time fan of the television series “Doctor Who” (I’ve been a hardcore Whovian since the early Tom Baker days), and would love to work on an episode for the series.

Now, as I’ve also said in the past, I’m not at all happy with the work that Mr. Steven Moffat has done on the current “Doctor Who”. I talked about that back in late 2013 in this post. Well, for everyone else who feel as I do on this point – and rest assured that many, many, many Whovians the world over share my thoughts on Mr. Moffat’s “Doctor Who” work – here’s great news. Steven Moffat is leaving “Doctor Who”! Read all about it here!

Please let this post also stand as my official request to Mr. Chris Chibnall, who is taking over as head writer, and producer of “Doctor Who”, for me to be allowed to work on an episode. If anyone can bring this to Mr. Chibnall’s attention, I’d be very grateful.

Scott Harper

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