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The sasquatch blog that I mentioned the other day – the one that I’m going to be writing a series of articles for – has been kind enough to put up a preview excerpt of the new book “Hidden Tribe” by Desirée Lee and myself. Find that post on their blog here.

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, “Hidden Tribe” is the sasquatch project that we’ve been working on for a while now. The story is told from the point of view of the sasquatch themselves. Here’s the official blurb for the book:

Sasquatch—they live peacefully in the forests, and woodlands. They want little, or nothing, to do with humans, and our civilization. As a whole, sasquatch are tranquil, quiet beings who live harmoniously with nature, and avoid us.
But what happens when humans refuse to return the favor?
Researcher Alexia Hollander is about to find out. When she ventures into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, seeking evidence of the elusive species, things quickly get out of hand. Another researcher deliberately gets in Alexia’s way. Campers, and hunters bumble in, adding their own disruptive presence to the quiet work that Alexia wants to perform.
With their home territory invaded by humans, a mated pair of sasquatch keep the intruders under close surveillance. They aren’t happy about the presence of the trespassers, and want them gone. Just how far will these normally restrained beings go to protect their family, and themselves? Alexia, and her unwanted companions are about to find out!
We want to take a moment to thank the Bigtruth blog for helping to spread word about “Hidden Tribe”. It means a lot to us!

Scott Harper

A New Record


On Friday, January 15, 2016 we had a new daily traffic record on our hit werewolf horror webcomic, “MoonWraith”.

Desirée Lee and I want to thank each and every one of you for the continued support of “MoonWraith”. Not sure what “MoonWraith” is all about? Read on:

“MoonWraith” is a mature-readers horror/action/adventure webcomic set in medieval Europe.

Werewolves, descendants of an original pack created centuries ago by a corrupt sorcerer, have overrun the land. The king ordered the construction of a fortress above an ancient silver mine where scholars and historians believe the talisman used by the sorcerer to create the werewolves is hidden away. This talisman is the MoonWraith.

The king’s men strive to find the MoonWraith in the hopes of using the very thing that created the werewolves to destroy them. The werewolves struggle to keep the MoonWraith from being found, suspecting that it is capable of eradicating their species in one fell swoop.

Keep up with, and support “MoonWraith” via the follow URLs, too:

Like “MoonWraith” on Facebook:

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Issue #8 is wrapping up; there are two more weeks left. Issue #9 is ready to go, and will run at the usual rate of one page week. A new page of “MoonWraith” goes live each and every Monday morning!

Scott Harper



Partly as a result of the new book my wife Desirée Lee and I have coming out next, that being our sasquatch novel “Hidden Tribe“, I’m going to be writing some non-fiction articles for a sasquatch blog.

My first piece for them is well underway right now. Given my knowledge of the subject, I truly hadn’t expected this first one to be as research-intensive as it’s turned out to be! The topic of this first article, and probably most of the others I write for them, will focus on sasquatch throughout history. The reason for that choice of topic is explained in the piece I’m working on for them right now. As soon as the first article is up, I’ll get a link to it up on this blog/website.

Scott Harper

Out For Review


Well, work has wrapped up on the final round of edits for “Hidden Tribe“. “Hidden Tribe” being, of course, the sasquatch novel that Desirée Lee and I have been so hard at work on for the past while.

All along the plan has been to get some reviews on the book from people in the sasquatch research community. The plan is to include those reviews, at least in part, in the book when it goes to print. Currently, “Hidden Tribe” is out to some names that we think all of you will instantly recognize. When those reviews come in, a publication date for “Hidden Tribe” can be figured out.

If anyone out there in my fanbase is involved with the sasquatch research community, and would like the chance to do an advance review on “Hidden Tribe”, too, please let me know via the “Contact” page of my website.

Scott Harper

Minnesota Little People?

Recently, I found this article on-line. It concerns sightings – and even photographs – of what are reported to be some type of faerie beings in the state of Minnesota.

As a critically-acclaimed, bestselling, award-winning author of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and the paranormal, such accounts are of great interest to me. I always hope that such accounts are 100& genuine. The ones in which no one has been harmed by the beings in question, at least!

What do you all think of this particular account? Does anyone have more information on this case? If so, I’d very much like to hear it.

Scott Harper

“Frozen” & “Winter’s Rite”

Winters Rite Cover_02

This is something I first posted about roughly two years ago when we watched the Walt Disney film “Frozen” for the first time. Since then “Frozen” has become the favorite movie of our daughter, who is now 2 1/2-years-old. We’ve watched “Frozen” many, many, many times. The disc is in the Blu-ray player almost daily. Sometimes she insists on watching it twice in a single day. I think we all have the movie memorized by now!

I can’t help but draw some parallels between the film and my first novel—”Winter’s Rite” which was released on February 13, 2006.

“Frozen” is “loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”” according to the film’s credits and Wikipedia. Sorry to say, I’ve never read that piece of classic literature. If my novel “Winter’s Rite” is really so close in a few details to “The Snow Queen”, I’m amazed. The part that really stuck out to me was ***SPOILER ALERT!*** the scenes with the creature Elsa had outside of her castle of ice – Marshmallow. It bears a marked resemblance to the Ice Phantoms in “Winter’s Rite”. Other details were eerily similar, too.

Maybe I’ve simply had too many ideas stolen from me over the years. Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe it’s purely coincidence. If so, let’s explore this option—many fans have told me, after reading the book, that “Winter’s Rite” would make an excellent film. Several have specifically remarked on how suited they think the book is to a CGI film.

Who out there is interested in seeing “Winter’s Rite” adapted as an animated film, CGI, or otherwise?

Scott Harper



For quite a while now, many years, really, I’ve been interested in the Freemasons. Not just as historical figures, or the rich story plot elements that the order could represent. As a bestselling author, everything gets filtered through that lens of “how could this be used in a story?” in my mind. My interest in Freemasons is more than that, though. I’d truly like to learn about them.

Research done on-line really hasn’t turned up a whole lot along these lines for me. Most of what I find are the same bits of information, taken almost verbatim, from one site to another. And I have no idea how accurate that information even is.

So, are any of my readers/fans Freemasons? If so, please get hold of me through the “Contact” page of my website. If you’re willing, I’d very much like to get a dialogue going with you, and learn about the Freemasons.

Scott Harper

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