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Short Preview – “Hidden Tribe”


As you all know, one of the books that Desirée Lee and I are currently co-authoring is our sasquatch novel, “Hidden Tribe“. It’s undergoing final edits right now. The following is a short preview – the opening five paragraphs – of the book.

Iktomi crouched low to the ground, his massive bulk hidden behind the wide trunk of a broken pine tree, and clusters of ferns. He remained motionless, rendering himself all but invisible, listening.
The dual sounds of the deer’s racing hooves in the clutter of vegetation, and its pounding heart, told Iktomi the exact location of the prey. Mingled with the noises of the deer’s panic were the footfalls of Toylona, as she gave chase through the dense forest.
At precisely the right moment, Iktomi leapt from cover, relieving his mate, and taking over the pursuit. He bristled his hair from head to foot, adding perceived size to his already considerable largeness. The deer bleated its terror and dismay, angling away from Iktomi as he lunged.
Exhausted though it may have been, the deer sprang forward, charging away, struggling to increase the distance between them. Iktomi refused to allow the prey to escape. The healthy young buck would feed Iktomi, Toylona, and their offspring for two or three days. He gave chase, using his long, powerful legs to their maximum advantage.
When the deer’s zigzag path took it around several trees which forced Iktomi to slow his pursuit, he inhaled deeply. Lungs filled with air, Iktomi jumped clear of the trees, bellowing. His chest vibrated with the combined force of the roar, and the infrasound underlay.

Scott Harper

Game With Us


Since the past two days’ posts have centered around the fantasy genre, and RPGs, I thought I’d just round out the week with another one. I’ll try to move on to a different topic for Monday’s post. But, today I’m going to reiterate something that I post about here every once in a while – “EverQuest“.

Desirée Lee and I play “EverQuest” on the Trakanon server. We both play dwarves. My character is a Level 73 Rogue named Roltnar. Hers is a Level 72 Cleric named Danora. Typically, when we get to play, we’re on-line during the evenings and weekends. It’s pretty random at times, though. Especially due to our daughter. Inevitably, as soon as start planning to do something major in-game, our daughter will wake up, needing attention. Still, we play when we can.

So, want to hop on-line, and game with two bestselling, award-winning, critically-acclaimed authors of fantasy and paranormal? We’d love for you to do that! Log into the Trakanon server, and look us up. Join up with us, and have some fun!

Scott Harper

Brief RPG Update

Yesterday I brought up the topic of dwarves as a race in the fantasy genre. That reminded me that I haven’t said anything here for a while about the RPG that Desirée Lee and I have in the works. It’s one of several projects that we’re co-authoring at the same time.

Sorry to say, it’s pretty much been put on hold – again. Desirée and I each have solo projects in various stages of completion. Some of those are in edits right now. We also have our co-authored sasquatch novel “Hidden Tribe” in edits. We’re keeping up with our hit werewolf horror webcomic “MoonWraith“, too. In case you missed the post regarding “MoonWraith” earlier this week, we’re over 150,000 hits on the webcomic now. She and I are also the parents of a healthy, active 2-year-old girl. Our daughter is a full-time job by herself! And, the virus we caught is still being an issue, too. Our daughter seems to be having a relapse of it. And I’ve never quite gotten over it to begin with.

Hopefully, someday soon, we can get back to serious work on the RPG. We want to. We’re both excited about the project. But it’s still a long, long way from being ready to release. Other things, much closer to being ready, keep taking our time.

But, while I’m talking about the RPG, I have a question for all of you. We keep debating on the best central core for the game. We keep wavering back and forth between the Fate core system, as was used in the “Dresden Files RPG”, or the more standard d20 dice system. Both variations have their pros and cons. Which would all of you rather see us use in the RPG? Please let us know!

Scott Harper


I’m an author of, among other things, fantasy. I’m also a reader of the genre. Dwarves are probably my favorite fantasy race. Yet, as a reader, it annoys me to constantly see them portrayed as drunken idiots so often. Why do so many writers treat them that way? People often refer to dwarves as “dorfs”, further putting the race as a whole down.

What has happened to the noble, honorable dwarf in fantasy? Where have they gone? When I use a dwarf character in a project I try my utmost to take care to depict the character in a good light. Mead is fine. But why do so many authors center the lives of their dwarven characters around mead and war? What’s up with that?

Scott Harper



MoonWraith“, the hit werewolf horror webcomic by myself, and my wife Desirée Lee now has over 150,000 hits! We want to thank all of you for the continued support of this project!

Scott Harper


For anyone who might be interested in hiring me for a writing project – website text, ad copy, a screenplay, ghostwriting a novel, scripting a comic book, editing a manuscript for you, etc. – I do have a PayPal account. Which means I’m perfectly fine accepting payments that  way.

Scott Harper


Happy New Year to all of you! However you’re celebrating – and celebrated last night – I hope you’re all safe, warm, and happy.

My thanks to you all for sticking with me on the journey of my writing career, and adventures. I expect 2016 to bring big news on several fronts to share with you all!

Scott Harper

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