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As you all know, my wife (Desirée Lee) and myself are both authors. Both of us are award-winning, critically-acclaimed, bestselling authors. Authors can’t do what we do without the support of our fans and readers. All of you mean the world to us!

Often, we’re asked what someone can do to help support our work. The list above is a great starting place. Do those things, and you’ll be helping us out tremendously!

Scott Harper

“Ectoplasm and Orbs” by Eldritch Thorn


Eldritch Thorn is a good friend whom I had the pleasure of meeting during the 14 years I lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Like me, he is an award-winning, bestselling author. He works in hardcore erotica, and pagan subjects. Check out his critically acclaimed horror/erotica novella “Ectoplasm and Orbs” here. It’s $2.99 for Kindle!

Scott Harper

2nd Bigtruth Article

Harper's History

My second article for the Bigtruth blog is now on-line. This one focuses on historical sasquatch sightings in the state of Alabama. Find that blog post/article here, and check it out.

Scott Harper

Point of View


As you all know, one current work-in-progress here is the first novella featuring my new character Ravenesque. This series will be urban fantasy. For now it’s being written in typical 3rd person point of view (POV). That’s how most of my work is written.


Things aren’t working as well for this project as I’d like. It isn’t flowing properly, I don’t think. A lot of what I’ve written for this project thus far strikes me as awkward. I’ve paused on it for the time being. More and more, I’m giving thought to switching over to a 1st person POV for this project – and the entire series.

What do you all think about 1st person versus 3rd person? A lot of people don’t care to read things written in 1st person. Others prefer it. Can I get some input from my fans and readers on this point, please?

Scott Harper



Can anyone suggest, or recommend, a good cork-board software for writers? Preferably a free download? If so, please get in touch with me via the “Contact” page on my website.

Scott Harper

“MoonWraith” Record!


This past Friday saw an all-time-high record set for daily traffic to the “MoonWraith” webcomic by myself and Desirée Lee. We want to thank all of you for the continued, amazing support of this project!

A new page goes live each and every Monday – “MoonWraith” Monday. And, today is Monday. So, why not go check out this week’s page right now?

Scott Harper

“Winter’s Rite”

Winters Rite Cover_02

In a world where humans do not exist, dark magick has been used to bring an early winter down upon the land. It falls to a young Water Nix named Avari to seek out the source of this magick and put a stop to it. As his journey progresses, he encounters a myriad of other beings, some friends, some not.

Here are some things fans and readers have said about “Winter’s Rite“:

“This is a tale of courage and determination and proves that heroes come in all sizes and ages.

“I am not a lover of fantasy books but I enjoyed this one.”

“This book is full of all kinds of creatures but none of them are human.”

“There are goblins, elves, trolls, faeries and gnomes just to name a few. Some are kind creatures and others are cruel and violent.”

Enjoy young adult (YA) fantasy literature? Then grab your copy of “Winter’s Rite” now!

Scott Harper



A recent debate and lawsuit going on between two New York Time’s bestselling authors has a lot of writers keeping the issue of plagiarism in mind right now. The aforementioned issue is between Sherrilyn Keyon and Cassandra Clare over Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” series of book, for those who haven’t heard that news yet. If you haven’t, read about it here. I truly hope that Clare isn’t guilty of this; I’m quite enjoying “Shadowhunters” as a television series. Alas, I’ve not had the pleasure of reading the books as yet, though I look forward to doing so.


As an author, plagiarism is always a threat. It’s something that we’ve probably all encountered, or at least suspected. Years ago I made the mistake of talking openly about some major plot points in a book I was working on, doing so in an open, on-line forum. Very stupid move on my part, I know. Not long after, those same plot points ran in a then-in-production major television series. It’s hard to find a writer these days who has made any sort of a name for themselves who hasn’t had to deal with plagiarism, or at least had cause to strongly suspect it.

So, a question to other writers – how do you protect yourself from plagiarism; what’s your best/favorite method?

Scott Harper

Book Cover Designs

More and more I keep seeing lesser-known authors modeling their books’ covers after cover designs of major bestsellers. Personally, I don’t like this trend. It’s something that I sincerely hope you’ll never see me do. If you ever do see that on any of my books, it’ll only be because a publisher has completely overruled me on the point, and forced the cover through against my wishes and arguments. And, I ask that if such a thing ever does happen, that all of you contact said publisher, and complain and protest the cover, please.

Why do people copy such well-known covers? Do they think that people will think they’re buying a huge bestselling title, and buy their book by accident? Or are they just trying to link their release to something that’s far better known to the general public? I truly don’t know. But, again, I don’t like seeing it. It strikes me as a cheap trick to try and con readers into buying their book.

What do all of you think about this tend in book cover designs?

Scott Harper

“Second Chances” by Desirée Lee


Do yourself a favor, and check out the newest work by my very talented wife, Desirée Lee. It’s a short story entitled “Second Chances”. It’s included in the newly released anthology “Loving You to Death“. Grab it now; only .99 on Amazon Kindle!

You won’t regret it!

Scott Harper

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