Book Cover Designs

More and more I keep seeing lesser-known authors modeling their books’ covers after cover designs of major bestsellers. Personally, I don’t like this trend. It’s something that I sincerely hope you’ll never see me do. If you ever do see that on any of my books, it’ll only be because a publisher has completely overruled me on the point, and forced the cover through against my wishes and arguments. And, I ask that if such a thing ever does happen, that all of you contact said publisher, and complain and protest the cover, please.

Why do people copy such well-known covers? Do they think that people will think they’re buying a huge bestselling title, and buy their book by accident? Or are they just trying to link their release to something that’s far better known to the general public? I truly don’t know. But, again, I don’t like seeing it. It strikes me as a cheap trick to try and con readers into buying their book.

What do all of you think about this tend in book cover designs?

Scott Harper

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