Why Do I Write?


As a bestselling author, one question I find myself being asked often is why I write. Honestly, it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do for a career, really. I don’t remember what first sparked the need to put pen to paper as a child. But writing is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. It’s not just what I do. Being a writer is who, and what, I am. At one point in time, I wanted to help tell stories by getting into movie special effects. At that time, I was especially interested in animatronics. Those, sadly, have been all but replaced by CGI by now. Even then, though, I felt then need to write far more so than the need to learn to create movie-grade animatronics.

In short, I don’t know just why writing called to me the way it did – and still does. But being s writer is at the core of who I am. And it has been for most of my life. Without it, I literary wouldn’t by the person I am.

Scott Harper


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