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My Goodreads Page


Being an author, it’s a given that I’m on Goodreads. People are always asking me if I use that site. I do. Sadly, I tend to not keep that page as up-to-date as I ought to, though. But, if you’re looking for me on Goodreads, find me here.

Scott Harper

“Finding Bigfoot” – Last Night


Last night’s episode of “Finding Bigfoot” was indeed that one that Desirée Lee, and I attended the town hall meeting in Chiloquin, Oregon. We weren’t on-screen very much, but could be seen in several of the town hall meeting scenes scattered throughout the episode. Seeing us on TV like that was strange for me, to say the least! How many of you watched the episode, and saw us?

Anyone who missed it last night, but would like to see it, the title of the episode is “Squatching On Sacred Ground”. Watch your TV listings for Animal Planet for  a rerun of it.

Scott Harper

Smoothing Things Out


A few times recently I’ve talked on this website/blog about the problems I’m having with writing the urban fantasy novella “Ravenesque: Un-Familiar”. I’m still in the process of smoothing some of those problems out. At the same time, I’m getting used to using the yWriter5 software for outlining purposes. The project is moving along slowly at this point, but picking up speed. The outlining stage of the project is about 3/4 done. For those of you who are awaiting the release of this project, I thank you for your patience. I hope the end result will be a suitable reward for you all!

Scott Harper

We’re Still Looking For Advance Reviews


As you all know, my wife (known to you all as the bestselling, award-winning, critically-acclaimed author Desirée Lee) and I have a new book coming out before too long. We’ve coauthored it; it’s been a work in progress for a while, but is nearly ready. The book is titled “Hidden Tribe”. It deals with sasquatch, and is told from the point of view of two sasquatch; a mated pair.

However, before “Hidden Tribe” is released, we’re trying to gather a few advance reviews from researchers, and experts on the subject matter of sasquatch. If you are a researcher, or expert on the topic, and would like the chance to do an advance review of “Hidden Tribe”, please get in touch with Umbral Press. A PDF of the manuscript can be sent out for review very easily.

“Hidden Tribe”

Sasquatch—they live peacefully in the forests, and woodlands. They want little, or nothing, to do with humans, and our civilization. As a whole, sasquatch are tranquil, quiet beings who live harmoniously with nature, and avoid us.
But what happens when humans refuse to return the favor?
Researcher Alexia Hollander is about to find out. When she ventures into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, seeking evidence of the elusive species, things quickly get out of hand. Another researcher deliberately gets in Alexia’s way. Campers, and hunters bumble in, adding their own disruptive presence to the quiet work that Alexia wants to perform.
With their home territory invaded by humans, a mated pair of sasquatch keep the intruders under close surveillance. They aren’t happy about the presence of the trespassers, and want them gone. Just how far will these normally restrained beings go to protect their family, and themselves? Alexia, and her unwanted companions are about to find out!

Scott Harper

3rd Bigtruth Article

Harper's History

As you all know, I’m working on a series of articles for the sasquatch blog called Bigtruth. My newest article, the third in the series, is now on-line. See it here.

This new article focuses on historical sightings and encounters in the state of Alaska.

Scott Harper

“Finding Bigfoot” This Week


It looks as if this week’s episode of “Finding Bigfoot” in the episode that Desirée Lee, and I attended the town hall meeting for. Unfortunately, time didn’t allow us – or anyone not of the local native tribes – to share any sightings accounts on-screen. Still, given where we were sitting during the taping, we ought to be visible on-screen throughout much of the town hall meeting scenes. That town hall meeting took place a bit north of here, in Chiloquin, Oregon. Check the episode out when it airs this Thursday night!

The photo was taken at the filming of the town hall meeting by a friend of ours. We didn’t even know he took the photo until the next day. Had we known he was taking it, we’d have posed with Matt Moneymaker for a picture, rather than this more candid shot!

Scott Harper

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”


You all know I’m a huge fan of DC Comics. I’ve talked about that often enough here! I’ve also mentioned a number of times how I’d love to work on a DC Comics project – especially a novel based on DC Comics characters. That still stands.

Yesterday afternoon Desirée Lee and I went to see the new movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. We saw the 3D version, which I quite enjoyed. A lot of people are complaining about the film for various reasons. Was the movie perfect? No. Did we like it? Yes; very much so. There are a few things that we hope will unfold further, with explanations for them, in “Justice League: Part 1”, which is to begin filming in a week or so. Or, maybe some of those explanations will be in the longer R-rated Director’s Cut of the film, which is to run about 3-hours-long, and be released in July of this year.

I must say, though, don’t listen to the bad-mouthing of the film. Go see it yourself. Judge for yourself. It’s dark,gritty, and powerful. Ben Affleck is my new favorite Bruce Wayne/Batman. Henry Cavill continues to be my favorite Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman. The ever-beautiful Amy Adams continues to be my favorite Lois Lane. I look forward to seeing more of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

I’m very excited about the unfolding DC Comics cinematic universe that we’re seeing. It also makes me want, even more, to be able to take on some of these characters that I’ve grown to love to much over the years in novel format. If anyone reading this post can help to make such a book project happen for me, please get in touch with me at the “Contact” page of my website.

Scott Harper

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