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5th Bigtruth Article

Harper's History

My newest article for the Bigtruth sasquatch blog is now on-line. This is the fifth in the series of articles dealing with historical sightings and encounters with sasquatch. I deal with the state of Arkansas in this one. Check it out here!

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This article brings up several excellent points regarding medical marijuana:

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A proof for the print edition of “Hidden Tribe” is on the way! If all is well with it upon its arrival, we’ll accept the print set-up as-is. After we do that, it’s open season on the print edition of the newest novel by myself, and my wife Desirée Lee. Keep watching this blog/website for updates!

And, in the meantime, “Hidden Tribe” is already available in e-book. Find the link to the format for your preferred e-reader below:

Amazon Kindle:



Barnes & Noble:

“Hidden Tribe”

Sasquatch–they live peacefully in the forests, and woodlands. They want little, or nothing, to do with humans, and our civilization. As a whole, sasquatch are tranquil, quiet beings who live harmoniously with nature, and avoid us.

But what happens when humans refuse to return the favor?

Researcher Alexia Hollander is about to find out. When she ventures into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, seeking evidence of the elusive species, things quickly get out of hand. Another researcher deliberately gets in Alexia’s way. Campers, and hunters bumble in, adding their own disruptive presence to the quiet work that Alexia wants to perform.

With their home territory invaded by humans, a mated pair of sasquatch keep the intruders under close surveillance. They aren’t happy about the presence of the trespassers, and want them gone. Just how far will these normally restrained beings go to protect their family, and themselves? Alexia, and her unwanted companions are about to find out!

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Tomorrow – Friday, May 27th – my website might be down briefly for some server maintenance. If you visit, and find that’s the case, please be patient, and visit again later. The downtime isn’t expected to take long. But things happen.

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Still Working On It


For those of you waiting to hear back to me via LinkedIn, I’ve still been unable to get into my account at that site. I’ve no idea what’s going on. A while back I did a series of maintenance scans on my laptop. Since then I haven’t been able to log into my LinkedIn account. This laptop has never liked Yahoo! for some reason, and freezes when I go to any part of that site. I’ve never had a problem with LinkedIn, though, until those scans. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on LinkedIn soon.

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New “Gauntlet” Trailer

Gauntlet Cover

As I posted late last week, I’m had new book trailers made for my first three novels – “Winter’s Rite“, “Well Wishes“, and “Gauntlet“. The previously existing trailers used covers for the books which were designed by a publisher I’m no longer with. As the original, self-published editions of these three books are still available, I’m having the new trailers made, using those covers.

Check out the new “Gauntlet” trailer here!


After stopping a robbery in progress, Elliott Cronholm is approached by someone wishing help him become a costumed vigilante crime-fighter. After refusing, his fiancée is attacked in their home by a stalker. In the wake of the attack, Elliott accepts the role he had been asked to play. While still learning the use of the costume and weapons he has been given, Elliott must track down and stop the first man put on the streets of the city by the same woman – a man with his own warped moral code who relishes killing the criminals he fights, a man who wishes to kill Elliott Cronholm as well, upon learning of Elliott’s new role.

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No news today. I’m just showing my support for the cause!

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