It’s no secret that both Desirée Lee and myself strongly support the legalization of marijuana for medical use. And, given that I try to get a post up here on this blog/website everyday, Monday – Friday, each week, regardless of whether or not there’s anything new to report to my fans and readers, I’m trying something new. This will help with both of the above points. Starting today, I want to do a #MarijuanaMonday post here in support of the legalization of medical marijuana. So, expect a support post like this now on each Monday, Unless, of course, there’s a bit of on-topic writing news that I really need, or want, to get out there in front of you all. Hopefully my status as a bestselling author will help the cause of legalization.

Do any of you have any objections to a weekly #MarijuanaMonday post here? If so, please let me know.

Scott Harper


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