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Blessed Samhain 2016!


Regardless of how you celebrate today, I wish you all a vert blessed Samhain – and a safe one, too!

Scott Harper



It’s been quite a while since I mentioned the on-line screenwriting class here. That’s because, as there’s no timeline for the course, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything with it. I’ve gone back to it this morning – at long last – and finished the short, simple pre-lesson lessons. There are four of them. I’d completed one prior to today. I did the other three today. I’m now 17% through the course. From here on out I’ve no doubt that the lessons will be longer, and more complex. But, this is progress.

Scott Harper

A New 5-Star #BookReview!


Hidden Tribe” has been given a great new 5-star review on Amazon. Check it out!

Awesome read! I am already reading it a second time! First book I have read from the perspective of Sasquatch!

Grab your copy of “Hidden Tribe” – if you haven’t done so already – here, now!

Scott Harper

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