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I just found this article. How do you all feel about serialized stories?

Scott Harper




Sorry for the lack of activity, and responses of late. Myself, my wife, and our daughter have all been coping with health issues. I’m also experiencing issues – still – with the webmail account connected to my website. Hopefully things will be back on track very soon. I thank you all for your kindness, and patience!

Scott Harper

And Again

Once again I’m unable to get into the e-mail account connected to my website. So, again, those of you who have written to me there, and are expecting a reply, please have patience with me. I’ll respond to you soon as I’m able to do so. I’ve no idea what’s going on. The problem this time is different than the issue I had recently that was resolved.

Scott Harper




This article turned up in my e-mail. What do you all think? Did some type of vampiric being bite this young man?

As this type of thing seems to be as much of interest to my readers as to me, I wanted to share this here.

Scott Harper

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