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Hello, all!

I’m back to work on the next sasquatch history article for Bigtruth. This is the 21st blog post I’ve done in the series. This one focuses on the state of Maryland. I would’ve had this one done ages ago if not for my fibromyalgia, and a bit of miscommunication.

Speaking of sasquatch, just a few minutes ago I was listening to an account of YouTube of a Native American tribesman who claimed to have been in telepathic contact with sasquatch. He claimed they travel to, and from Earth by way of energy portals. I’ve had enough odd things to happen in my own life that I’m not one to quickly dismiss anyone’s claims out of hand. Still, I firmly believe that sasquatch are a fully biological species, native to Earth. I believe them to be some form of primate.

What about all of you? And, please, no one waste time, or space, with posts claiming sasquatch don’t exist. If that’s your belief, fine; keep it to yourself, please. I’ve seen at least one of them, and had other experiences than sightings. I know they’re out there. But I’m curious as to what my readers think of them. Do you think sasquatch are a biological species of Earth? Do you think they’re extraterrestrial? From some other dimension? Let me know, please!

Scott Harper

Happy #NationalUnicornDay!


I just found out that today is #NationalUnicornDay. What’s the best way to celebrate?

Scott Harper



In a post yesterday, I talked about how I plan to get back to using this blog more. I talked about what I plan to do here. You can, of  course, expect at least the occasional DC Comics post tossed in, too. As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m a long-time, die-hard DC Comics fan.

So, expect a blend of news/updates on my writing, posts dealing with cryptozoology/paranormal topics, and DC Comics here. Unique? Probably. Will it work? It’s worked here in the past. As I said yesterday, I’m just owning it, and making it official.

Stay tuned!

Scott Harper

Owning It


Hello, everyone!

As you all know, cryptozoology, and the paranormal are great interests of mine. Especially the subject of sasquatch, given what I grew up with. For those who don’t know of those accounts, familiarize yourself here. I’m also still (slowly, due to my fibromyalgia) working on the series of sasquatch history articles for the Bigtruth sasaquatch blog.

I’ve been wanting to get back to this blog more, too. But, as its main focus is my writing, and there isn’t something to report each, and every day… A while back, I was posting something here, every day, seven days a week. It was a stretch to come up with a topic every single day.


I’m planning to get back to making use of this blog more. It’ll still cover my writing. But I’m going to be doing a lot more paranormal, and cryptozoology-themed posts, too. Due to my work for Bigtruth, I’m finding my name all over the Internet, connected to the topic of sasquatch. I’d might as well own it, and go with it. And, since most of my writing work also falls into the genres of fantasy, the paranormal, or cryptozoology, it ought to be a good blend. I’ve always done that a bit with this blog. I’m just making it official now.

Scott Harper

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