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Sorry not to have posted anything here for a while. We’ve all been sick here, taking turns with a stomach virus. Plus other things have been going on that I won’t discus here. Nothing much writing-related, sorry to say. But, I wanted to get a post up so you all know I hadn’t forgotten all of you – or this blog.

A few days ago our daughter was eating a bowl of Honeycomb cereal for breakfast. Tami, and I were telling her – in answer to a question – that the cereal is shaped like honeycombs in a bee hive. She looked at a piece of the cereal, and said, “They look like flowers.”

A thought popped into my head. She’s right. The shape of a piece of honeycomb does, a bit, resemble a flower. Bees spend a lot of time or, and near flowers. Could the shape of honeycomb be an attempt on the part of bees to mimic the shape of the flowers they so love? Could the shape be meant as a sort of shrine to flowers?

Just a random thought that I wanted to share.

Stay tuned for writing news as things develop. Again, right now things are moving very slowly. I’m mostly through a self-edit of “Mojito Cove” before turning it over for official editing. That’s about it on that front right now.

Scott Harper

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